Who we are
Pioneers, Partners, E-Car Drivers

SMATRICS is the key to electric mobility. The joint venture of OMV, Siemens and Verbund is a full service provider when it comes to e-mobility. SMATRICS is the first provider in Austria to establish a comprehensive, customer-oriented public charging network with 450 charging points up to 350kW, which are supplied with 100 % renewable energy. By utilizing this expertise, SMATRICS acts as 360 degree solution provider for customers who are eager to enter electric mobility and who want to offer charging solutions for their employees, customers and partners.

Our Mission

We ensure unrestricted mobility and we offer all services which make mobility with electrified vehicles easier and more convenient.

The proportion of electrically driven passenger cars on our streets is growing steadily. We accept this challenge:

  • We are creating a comprehensive charging infrastructure to make the use of electrified vehicles easy and a matter of course.
  • We are operating sustainably, whereby we only use electricity that comes from renewable energy sources.
  • We offer innovative services, products and complete solutions, which are characterised by a high degree of suitability for everyday use and user-friendliness.

Our Vision

We want a future in which we travel intelligently and sustainably with the help of electromobility e-solutions, without having to compromise individual freedoms.

The invention of the automobile marks a milestone in the history of individual mobility. Electromobility sets the next milestone. It involves independence from the oil industry, unrestricted, individual mobility and, of course, a more liveable environment.

Dr. Michael-Viktor Fischer

Managing Director
T +43 1 53 22 400
The strict EU CO₂ limits are set. This can only be accomplished by the automotive industry if battery-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrids are brought to the market on a significant scale. The future of individual mobility is therefore electric and I look forward to being actively involved in this.


Managing Director (COO)
T + 43 1 53 22 400 55619

Mag. Markus Medek

Head of Finance (CFO)
T +43 1 53 22 400 55615
The silent acceleration and especially the quick sprint when starting up are a guarantee for electrifying driving pleasure. Surprisingly, even small electric cars are very sporty in acceleration. It is certainly worth trying yourself!

Dipl.-BW Birgit Wildburger

Head of Marketing
T +43 1 53 22 400 55621
Electric mobility only makes sense to me if the electricity comes from 100% renewable sources. At SMATRICS, we can guarantee ecologically sustainable use through the use of green energy.

Mag. Ronald Lausch, MBA

Head of Sales
+43 1 53 22 400 55612

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Hauke Hinrichs

Head of Fulfillment (interim)
T +43 1 53 22 400

Ing. Mag. Christoph John

Head of Operations
+43 1 53 22 400 55616
Electromobility is one of the foundations for the protection of our resources. It supports society's commitment to pass a livable and intact environment to the next generations.

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Walzel

Head of Technology
After the energy revolution, the mobility transition is gaining momentum. Electromobility is one of the most important building blocks for an intermodal, interconnected and sustainable future traffic. Especially information and communication technology are a connecting link between the energy and mobility world.

Our Shareholders