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Operate charging infrastructure

with charVIS Operations

With charVIS Operations, the intelligent charge point management system for charging station operators, you have your charging stations under control around the clock.

The cloud-based software is compatible with all common hardware types and protocols. Thanks to intuitive operation, routine activities and troubleshooting can be carried out efficiently.

charVIS Operations in use

Innovative companies rely on charVIS Operations for the efficient operation of charging infrastructure

Features of charVIS Operations

Set up charging stations with ease

With the template function, you can create new locations quickly & easily and store them by using drag & drop.

As soon as a new station has gone into operation, it is automatically displayed as "available".

Stations of your sub-CPOs can be easily distinguished from your own charging infrastructure.

Manage and update charging stations efficiently

The status of individual charging points is intelligently summarized in charVIS Operations ("Working", "Partially working", "Faulted").

In addition, detailed information on the respective charging station, such as connectivity status, firmware status, OCPP messages and associated events can be called up at any time.

If new firmware is available for your charging station, you can update it over-the-air.

Support charging users quickly and easily

With the intuitive search, you can quickly find charging stations of users by POI or EVSE ID. Detailed information on specific charger, event & session details can also be viewed quickly.

Via remote access, you can start / stop sessions of charging stations remotely and, if necessary, restart charging stations.

Alarming tools & troubleshooting

With alarming feature, you are getting proactively informed about error messages. OCPP error codes and diagnostic logs are automatically analyzed and made available.

Based on this, your service team can troubleshoot remotely or leave comments for field service employees.

Ideal for use in field service

Thanks to the responsive design, charVIS Operations is easy to use and operate on all common mobile devices.

Your field service employees have practical search and filter functions at their disposal, with which, for example, charging stations can be filtered and displayed according to their status.

At the same time, comments can be viewed and answered live in the detailed information.

All-round system for charging network operations

charVIS Operations is designed for day-to-day operations in network operations, in customer service and for use in field service. Depending on the role of the user, the system can play to different strengths:

  • Current status information: Keep an overview of your charging infrastructure at all times.

  • User groups & role management: your users get access to exactly the data and functions they need.

  • Intuitive control: user-friendly UX facilitates day-to-day operations and simplifies the onboarding of new users.

  • Location & platform independent: your field service has access to all relevant information via smartphone and tablet.

  • Intelligent alarming: automatic notification of critical events 24/7.

  • Efficient remote access: solve simple tasks and challenges remotely and without tying up field service personnel.

  • Expandable at any time: integrate new charging infrastructure quickly and easily into your existing systems.

Frequently asked questions about charVIS Operations

You can find more information about our software solutions and e-mobility services in our business FAQs.

  • Create new charging stations efficiently with the template function
  • Exact location determination & assignment via drag & drop
  • Conveniently assign charging stations to sub-CPOs
  • Easy publication of stations & visibility for roaming partners

  • Proactive monitoring of mobile network connections
  • Speaking status at station level (“Working”, “Partially Working”, “Unreachable”, “Faulted”, etc.) and details at charging point level
  • Incident management / alarming: Error reports in real time, 1 click to station or event list, mark alarms as solved
  • Problem management: analyzing OCPP error messages, suppressing stations, remote activation, creating notes
  • Support for field service: responsive design for smartphones, display & adapt OCPP error codes as well as notes

  • Alerts are immediately & unmistakably visible to users in charge point management
  • Efficient process: trigger alarm/assign operator/mark as "solved" after resolution
  • Algorithm-based alarming: Some alarms trigger themselves without being actively processed.

  • Dashboard overview of all system-relevant parameters for charging station operation in real time (e.g. availability, communication, status, etc.)
  • Display of charging stations, charging sessions and authorization attempts as well as events
  • Easy download of sessions as CSV file
  • Live monitoring and debugging as part of station troubleshooting

charVIS Operations offers flexible logic for different user groups, teams or positions.

Roles & teams are used to always give employees, customers or partners their relevant view of selected data.

The following criteria can be combined to define teams:

  • hardware manufacturer/model,
  • address/region and
  • Sub CPO.

The logic is dynamic: When a new charger is created, the relevant teams see it automatically.


  • Local teams see all charging stations in their region (e.g. Bavaria)
  • Managers see charging stations
    • across regions (e.g. DACH) or
    • by sub-CPOs
  • Hardware manufacturers see all alarms for their models in the field

Yes, premium SIM cards are included in the operation of the charge point, including VPN tunnels & maintenance.

Yes, the charge point management system charVIS Operations can also be integrated into your system or third-party applications via API if required.

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We are happy to support you in the planning, construction and expansion of charging infrastructure starting from 5 charging points.

Who will charge at your charging stations?
Guests and/or customers
Company & fleet vehicles (without billing)
Employees with a private e-car (billed by kWh)
Car park tenants (charged according to kWh)
Which and how many charging stations do you want to install?
AC (normal charger up to 22 kW): 5-10 charging points
AC (normal charger up to 22 kW): over 10 charging points
DC (fast chargers from 50 kW): From 1 charging station
Unclear yet
Who should install the charging stations?
My electrical service provider will carry out the entire installation of the charging stations.
My electrical service provider will carry out the pre-installation and SMATRICS will install and connect the charging stations.
SMATRICS will take full responsibility for the installation of the charging stations.
Is not yet defined / Is still unclear.
How many charging stations have you already installed?
Over 50
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