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White label software solutions for e-mobility

E-mobility applications and websites in your look & feel

Become a provider of electromobility - SMATRICS takes care of everything else. With mobile apps & websites in the visual appearance of your company, you can offer easy & convenient access to practical features for everyday e-mobility.

  • Professional appearance of your e-mobile app and/or website in the design of your company

  • Easy access to your charging infrastructure for customers and employees

  • Increase innovative power & brand value through positioning in the sustainable growth market of e-mobility

  • Use a variety of options when creating your own tariffs and user groups

White label solutions for e-mobility applications in use

Innovative companies rely on white label products for e-mobility from SMATRICS

Features of white label solutions by SMATRICS

Useful & functional features

Numerous convenient features are available to your users:

  • Easy account registration
  • View live status of charging stations & past charging sessions
  • Effortless starting & stopping of charging
  • Convenient payment of charging sessions

In addition, useful filter functions allow you to find your desired charging station easily & precisely.

Clear functions

In addition to the useful map view, your users can see even more details:

  • Available connector types
  • Charging capacity of the respective charging station
  • Exact description of the location
  • Availability of the selected charging points

Your users are given access to all relevant information about the charging infrastructure.

In your look & feel

Whether white label website, mobile app or both - we ensure the consistent appearance of your brand in the user interfaces across all platforms.

Your users feel at home and SMATRICS takes care of everything else in the background.

Frequently asked questions about white label products

You can find more information about our software solutions and e-mobility services in our B2B-FAQs.

No, you can also use individual elements of our white label products. For example, if you only want a white label website but no specific white label app, this is easily possible.

Apart from logos & coloring, you can define specific text elements. However, the scope of customizable elements depends on the respective white label product. We would be happy to explain the details to you - get in touch with us.

Other software solutions for e-mobility

SMATRICS offers intelligent software solutions for all areas of electromobility

Get in touch

Are you interested in a customized white label solution for e-mobility? Please contact us:

Who will charge at your charging stations?
Guests and/or customers
Company & fleet vehicles (without billing)
Employees with a private e-car (billed by kWh)
Car park tenants (charged according to kWh)
Which and how many charging stations do you want to install?
AC (normal charger up to 22 kW): 5-10 charging points
AC (normal charger up to 22 kW): over 10 charging points
DC (fast chargers from 50 kW): From 1 charging station
Unclear yet
Who should install the charging stations?
My electrical service provider will carry out the entire installation of the charging stations.
My electrical service provider will carry out the pre-installation and SMATRICS will install and connect the charging stations.
SMATRICS will take full responsibility for the installation of the charging stations.
Is not yet defined / Is still unclear.
How many charging stations have you already installed?
Over 50
Data protection notice

I have acknowledged the information the privacy policy, in particular the information about the data processing contact form.
I agree and have taken note of the data protection information.