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API & backend solutions for e-mobility data

IT interfaces for charging infrastructure

With the modular SMATRICS API, you can easily integrate e-mobility data into your existing backend & ERP systems.

  • Easy integration into existing systems thanks to REST interfaces

  • Administration of charge detail records in your own systems

  • High security due to encrypted communication & certificate-based identification

  • GDPR-compliant solution with server hosting within the EU

API & backend solutions from SMATRICS in action

Innovative companies rely on the SMATRICS API for the integration of e-mobility data

Examples for e-mobility data integration

Data integration of charging points

Both static POI information and dynamic information can be called up via SMATRICS API:

  • static information (e.g. addresses, performance classes)
  • dynamic information (e.g. status: "free", "occupied", "defective")

With this data, you can record and process current information from your charging stations in your own systems, e.g. in card applications or billing systems.

Data integration of charging sessions

All essential details of charging sessions are contained in the so-called charge detail records (CDRs):

  • Start, end & duration of charges
  • Consumption of each charge (kWh)
  • Authorization media used (e.g. RFID)

Via the SMATRICS API, CDRs can be reused in your own systems as required:

  • E-mobility providers (EMPs) use data obtained on a card or on contract basis (with or optionally without tariff logic).
  • Charging point operators (CPOs) use data collected at the charging point or charging network level.

Data integration of authorization media & certificates

The data integration of authorization media - mostly RFID charging cards or, in the future, Plug & Charge certificates - enables:

• Retrieval, collection & updating of authorization media

• Administration of end customer data in your own systems

The direct connection to backend systems simplifies the management of user data and authorization media considerably.

Frequently asked questions about API & backend solutions

You can find more information about our software solutions and e-mobility services in our B2B-FAQs.


  • OCPP 1.5 (SOAP) and 1.6 (JSON), 2.0 is in implementation
  • Data exchange between charVIS Operations & charging infrastructure takes place via Websockets & SOAP


  • OCPI Version 2.1.1


  • Roaming functionalities via e-clearing 1.4 (OCHP)


  • Roaming functionality via Hubject OICP 2.2

Plug & Charge

  • Plug & Charge according to ISO 15118 was developed and used as a prototype in the EU-funded Ultra-E project together with BMW Group & Audi AG.

Yes, the multi-client architecture of the SMATRICS API for e-mobility data supports end-to-end white labeling and can map independent charging networks as well as sub-clients and customer bases.

All SMATRICS API Cloud Services are hosted on secure servers within the EU in compliance with GDPR.

Other software solutions for e-mobility

SMATRICS offers intelligent software solutions for all areas of electromobility

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Who will charge at your charging stations?
Guests and/or customers
Company & fleet vehicles (without billing)
Employees with a private e-car (billed by kWh)
Car park tenants (charged according to kWh)
Which and how many charging stations do you want to install?
AC (normal charger up to 22 kW): 5-10 charging points
AC (normal charger up to 22 kW): over 10 charging points
DC (fast chargers from 50 kW): From 1 charging station
Unclear yet
Who should install the charging stations?
My electrical service provider will carry out the entire installation of the charging stations.
My electrical service provider will carry out the pre-installation and SMATRICS will install and connect the charging stations.
SMATRICS will take full responsibility for the installation of the charging stations.
Is not yet defined / Is still unclear.
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Over 50
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