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solarcap SMATRICS Ladepark Meggenhofen Oberösterreich
Erstellungsdatum: 04.03.2024

E-charging infrastructure continues to grow: high-speed charging with SMATRICS & solarcap in Meggenhofen

At the end of December, solarcap's largest Austrian charging park was opened in Meggenhofen, Upper Austria. As a 360° solution provider, SMATRICS not only provides 13 charging stations with a total of 47 charging points and a charging capacity of up to 400 kilowatts, but also ensures their operation.

The number of high-speed charging points in Austria has increased sixfold in the past two years and the charging capacity of this HPC charging infrastructure has even increased sevenfold. Demand continues to rise. solarcap is responding to this development and is relying on SMATRICS as its partner for the charging park in Meggenhofen, Upper Austria, which opened at the end of last year. At this superlative charging park with a total of 75 fast charging points and a charging capacity of up to 400 kilowatts, SMATRICS operates 13 DC charging points as a service partner. The charging park is located in Meggenhofen, right next to the A8 motorway.

"This cooperation underlines our determination to provide our customers with state-of-the-art sustainable mobility where it is urgently needed," explains Hauke Hinrichs, CEO of SMATRICS. The charging park creates reliable and convenient charging options for e-mobilists on the busy route between Wels and Passau.

The charging car park pioneer solarcap relies on quality "Powered by SMATRICS" for its major project. "Our aim was to equip the car park with comprehensive services for drivers. With SMATRICS as a reliable partner, the smooth and economical operation of state-of-the-art charging infrastructure is ensured," explains Peter Limberger, Managing Director of solarcap. Additional services such as lounge, catering and toilet facilities are also available in the car park.

For this project, SMATRICS is relying on a comprehensive service package ranging from consulting and project planning to technical operation, including a 24/7 hotline. The cloud-based charge point management system "charVIS Operations", developed in-house by SMATRICS, is used for the fast-charging stations. In addition, SMATRICS enables access to 16,000 public charging points in Austria with its roaming-enabled charging card. This corresponds to a coverage of around 90 per cent.

"With our services, we can cover the entire e-mobile value chain and thus offer our customers both a full service and modular individual services. Our partnership with solarcap is an important milestone in our mission to promote electromobility in Austria," says Hauke Hinrichs, CEO of SMATRICS.