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E-Auto lädt an einer Ladestation bei einer Tankstelle
Erstellungsdatum: 03.06.2024

HEM petrol stations rely on SMATRICS to expand charging infrastructure

Faster charging: HEM petrol stations are expanding fast-charging stations and relying on quality powered by SMATRICS. The Austrian full-service provider is taking on all services from planning and construction to operation and billing.

The parent company of the HEM petrol stations, Deutsche Tamoil GmbH, has concluded a contract with SMATRICS to equip its stations with modern fast-charging points. ‘We are delighted to be able to support HEM over the next few years in expanding its fast-charging infrastructure as a white-label 360° full-service provider. The company's own e-charging infrastructure offers petrol station operators the opportunity to expand their offering and combine existing services with charging,’ says Hauke Hinrichs, CEO of Austrian e-mobility service provider SMATRICS. The plan is to set up fast-charging points with up to 400 kW. The first locations are to be realised as early as 2024, with more already in preparation.


Charging infrastructure as part of the petrol station world

‘For us, high-power chargers are a fixed component in the drive mix of the future at HEM petrol stations. With SMATRICS as an experienced partner, we receive all services of the highest quality from a single source,’ says Carsten Pohl, Managing Director of Deutsche Tamoil GmbH, with conviction. Stations were selected at quickly and easily accessible locations with extensive service offerings, such as a bistro and sanitary facilities or car washes. There are also plans to install fast-charging infrastructure on sites outside petrol stations.


Seamless service integration in the petrol station environment guaranteed by SMATRICS

In addition to the latest HPC charging hardware with up to 400 kW, the HEM petrol stations also use SMATRICS' own charVIS software platforms for operation and billing. Thanks to its many years of experience in the installation and technical operation of fast-charging points at petrol stations, SMATRICS also knows the needs of e-mobilists and offers flexible payment options at the charging stations: In addition to the possibility of roaming via all common charging cards and app providers, payment can also be made easily and conveniently directly at the charging station at the payment terminal by credit card - in accordance with the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), which has been in force since April 2024.