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SMATRICS EnBW Ladestationen
Erstellungsdatum: 30.11.2023

EnBW relies on SMATRICS as general contractor for expansion of German-wide fast-charging infrastructure

SMATRICS is using its expertise of being a general contractor to support around 110 of the more than 1,000 EnBW fast-charging locations. All services from planning to commissioning from a single source.

Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW) is consistently pursuing its ambitious plans for the expansion of the nationwide fast-charging infrastructure in Germany and was the first company in the country to reach the milestone of 1,000 public fast-charging locations at the end of September. The Austrian full-service provider SMATRICS, a subsidiary of EnBW, is delighted to have made a decisive contribution to the successful realization of around 110 of these locations as general contractor. SMATRICS was also involved with its expertise in more than 450 analyses & plannings of other locations.

Hauke Hinrichs, SMATRICS CEO, emphasizes: "EnBW is market leader in the field of e-mobility in Germany. We are delighted to be able to support them as a strong and competent partner in driving forward sustainable mobility together. The charging stations that have been set up are now available to all electric drivers and will make a significant contribution to promoting electromobility."

In order for the charging infrastructure to be used by end customers, SMATRICS, as the general contractor, has to take numerous steps – from initial site inspections to commissioning and roll-out of charging locations. In addition to the technical coordination of service providers and the structural implementation, individual site planning is required in order to meet the local and economic requirements of clients and to offer customers the best possible charging experience consistently. SMATRICS offers this experience and expertise – from the installation and commissioning of AC wallboxes and powerful high-power chargers (HPC) to the construction of complex, multi-site charging networks.

With this service portfolio, SMATRICS – in addition to EnBW – also supports fleet customers, retailers, gas station operators and municipal utilities who want to set up and operate HPC charging infrastructure at their locations. 

SMATRICS has eleven years of experience in setting up charging infrastructure and, together with EnBW, is driving the expansion of the largest nationwide fast-charging network in Austria forward. SMATRICS has built a total of around 250 DC locations already, as general contractor for both the SMATRICS EnBW fast-charging network in Austria and for EnBW in Germany.


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