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BOE SMATRICS Kooperation
Erstellungsdatum: 13.05.2024

Park & Charge: BOE garages cooperate with SMATRICS on charging solutions

BOE Parking, one of the largest garage operators in Austria, is equipping its garages with SMATRICS charging solutions and offering customers an attractive charging tariff.

The demand for charging stations for e-vehicles is increasing. "If we combine parking with charging, we can further densify the charging network, especially in urban areas," explains Ronald Lausch, CSO of SMATRICS. "We are delighted that BOE Parking is relying on SMATRICS to equip its garages with modern and reliable charging infrastructure."

The first BOE garage locations in Vienna and Graz will be equipped with around 120 AC charging points from SMATRICS by the end of 2024. Further locations will follow.


Differentiating feature: charging infrastructure for car parks

Whether for short-term or long-term parking: car parks with charging facilities are doubly attractive for e-mobilists. "Car parks are an important element in the mobility mix of the future. With the SMATRICS/BOE charging stations, our locations are upgraded and e-mobilists can conveniently use their parking time without having to plan additional charging stops," emphasises Reinhard Klemmer, Managing Director of BOE Parking & Real Estate.

BOE customers will also receive an attractive BOE charging tariff, which eliminates the blocking fee - i.e. additional costs for long idle times - for the first 480 minutes / 8 hours at BOE's own charging stations.


Everything from a single source

As a full-service provider with over ten years of experience, SMATRICS provides BOE with all services for this white label charging solution, from consulting, planning, roll-out and technical operation via a 24/7 hotline, tariffing, roaming and billing for electric vehicle users, as well as issuing and billing BOE-branded charging cards with attractive tariffs. In the long term, BOE Parking plans to equip several hundred parking spaces in more than 70 garages in Austria with charging points.