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BKND Kostad setzt auf SMATRICS Lösungen für E-Mobilität
Erstellungsdatum: 22.11.2023

Faster charging: BKND expands fast-charging stations & focuses on quality Powered by SMATRICS

With SMATRICS as service partner and BKND as e-mobility provider, the focus is on customer service and quality. A total of 100 public charging points are planned by 2025.

Public fast-charging stations are the key to the e-mobility transition in Austria. In addition to saving time, quality and service are crucial for customers. BKND offers state-of-the-art charging stations at frequented locations to create a seamlessly networked infrastructure and has already installed several public fast-charging stations in Ternitz and Vienna this year, with a third location to be added in 2023.

New strategic locations are already being planned for 2024 and a further 100 charging points are to be installed by 2025. BKND is relying on the full-service provider SMATRICS as a reliable partner.

"SMATRICS is a 360° solution provider along the entire e-mobility value chain. Whether as a full service or as a modular individual service - we offer BKND our CPMS software charVIS Operations for their charging station operations," says Hauke Hinrichs, CEO of SMATRICS. 

"Our partnership with SMATRICS is a significant milestone in our mission to promote electromobility in Austria. Together we are expanding the network of charging points and making electric mobility even more accessible. This cooperation underlines our determination to ensure sustainable mobility and excellent service for our customers", Danny Dimitrov, CEO of BKND.

SMATRICS is using its proprietary Charge Point Management System "charVIS Operations“ for BKND's fast-charging stations. This cloud-based software ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the charging infrastructure. SMATRICS also operates a 24/7-Hotline and provides access to 16,000 public charging points in Austria with the roaming-capable SMATRICS Whitelabel charging card, which corresponds to a coverage of around 90 per cent.

BKND has set itself the goal of significantly advancing e-mobility in Austria. BKND's services range from charging infrastructure and software operation to billing for electric vehicles. State-of-the-art charging stations at frequented locations, even away from motorways, enable fast, convenient charging thanks to a seamlessly networked charging infrastructure.