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Ein Auto lädt an einer SMATRICS EnBW Ladestation.
Erstellungsdatum: 02.01.2024

SMATRICS EnBW plans 200 new high-speed charging points in Austria in 2024

Austria's largest nationwide fast charging network is being further expanded. By the end of the year, SMATRICS EnBW will provide 200 additional high-performance HPC charging points with up to 400 kW of power along the high-level road network and at urban supermarket parking lots - the expansion hotspots are located along the west and south highways.

The first large, partly covered, fast-charging parks will go into operation in 2024: In Innermanzing (Lower Austria) as well as Regau and Vorchdorf (Upper Austria), charging parks with 16 fast-charging points each will be built. A further fast-charging park with 12 charging points will be added in Spielberg (Styria).

"E-mobility has long been suitable for everyday use," says Thomas Landsbek, CEO of SMATRICS EnBW, "Further expansion requires not only fast-charging infrastructure along highways, but also in retail and in cities. We are therefore expanding our services to other regions and additional areas."

The advantage of combining shopping and charging is obvious. Drivers can conveniently charge while they shop. "Ultra-fast charging makes it easier for us to integrate e-mobility into our everyday lives. With our modern fast-charging parks, vehicles can charge up to 100 kilometers in five minutes. This allows us to combine maximum charging speed with outstanding service quality," says Hauke Hinrichs, COO at SMATRICS EnBW. 

Offering charging parks where everyday life takes place
SMATRICS EnBW is therefore continuing its cooperation with retailers. As part of the cooperation with the REWE Group in Austria, up to 120 more locations will be added to the existing 70 (BILLA, BILLA PLUS, PENNY) by 2025. The SMATRICS EnBW charging network will also be greatly expanded next year with other retail partners, including BAUHAUS Austria and METRO.

Expansion of services also aside of freeways
The "Promotion of charging infrastructure in currently underserved areas" (LADIN) of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection is providing additional support for expansion at locations away from conurbations. In addition to charging facilities for cars, SMATRICS EnBW will also be expanding charging stations for trucks where sufficient space is available from 2024. 

With this commitment, SMATRICS EnBW is also expanding the cross-border EnBW HyperNetwork for drivers in Austria with fast charging points of the highest performance class. The electricity for operating the charging points remains unchanged: With 100% renewable energy from VERBUND, the focus remains on sustainability.