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Charging instructions ABB Terra 53 CJG

Charging with charging card


  • Touch the screen to start charging.
  • Select the output you need on the display (CCS, CHAdeMO or AC/Type2 connector).
  • Insert the plug into the vehicle's charging socket until it clicks into place.
  • Now press “Start” on the display. After a successful connection check, you will be prompted to identify yourself. To do this, hold your charging card up to the card reading field and wait for the further connection check.
  • The charging process starts and the display informs you about the battery charge status, remaining charging time, delivered kWh and the charging time that has already expired.


  • Press on the display on the previously selected outlet (e.g. CCS, CHAdeMO or AC/Type2 connector) and then on "Stop".
  • Hold your customer card up to the card reading field again.
  • Unplug the connector and place it back in the holder. With CHAdeMO: release the connector by moving the slider forward. Release the parking lot after loading.

Charging via Smartphone


  • First, only plug the charging cable into the vehicle.
  • Select the charging point on the charging network map.
  • Press the START button to unlock the selected socket.
  • After successful authorization, the loading process starts automatically.


  • Press the STOP button.
  • Unplug the vehicle.

Note: unlocking the vehicle can also end the charging process.


  • The security check between the vehicle and the charging station can take up to 30 seconds.

  • combination of the activation methods is not possible - for example, if charging was started via app, it must be ended via app too.

  • In case of malfunctions, please contact our service team by phone: +43 5 031 351 855.