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SMATRICS Direct Tariffs

Tariffs without SMATRICS charging card

Charge Direct

Simply adaptable.

no minimum term

per kWh¹ per Minute²
AC up to 19 kW 0,60 € 0,09 €
AC from 20 kW 0,60 € 0,19 €
DC up to 79 kW 0,65 € 0,59 €
HPC DC from 80 kW 0,70 € 1,19 €

Charge Direct

Simply time-based.

no minimum term

per Minute
AC up to 19 kW 0,09 €
AC from 20 kW 0,19 €
DC up to 79 kW 0,59 €
HPC DC from 80 kW 1,19 €

¹ plus blocking fee of €0.15 / min. (for AC stations from minute 301, for DC & HPC stations from minute 91)
² Billing is based on minutes at stations without kWh billing

All information including 20% VAT. Valid from 31st of Januar 2023.

The performance information refers to the maximum power output of the charging point, regardless of the vehicle’s power consumption.

The selected SMATRICS tariff is concluded for an indefinite period. Both contracting parties have the right to dissolve this contract by means of ordinary termination at the end of each month. The notice period is two weeks.

Information on the old SMATRICS tariffs, that were concluded before 31st of January 2023, can be viewed in this PDF document.

Note on billing by minutes with the Charge Direct Basic tariff: Due to the legal situation, SMATRICS is not allowed to bill by kWh at all stations, as some of the partner networks do not comply with calibration law. At such stations, SMATRICS may only charge by the minute. All stations are marked accordingly on our charging network map and in the charging app. You can also find a list of the SMATRICS charging stations that are billed by the minute in our charging station overview.

SMATRICS Charge tariffs

Tariffs with charging card

Simple, convenient & fast loading with a variety of conditions that fit your type of e-mobility usage.

Get an overview of the tariffs from SMATRICS with a charging card.

More information on charging & roaming

Find out more in the SMATRICS charging FAQs and on our roaming partner page.

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  • by phone on +43 1 53 22 400 (Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm, Friday from 9 am to 3 pm)