Charging by mobile phone

The motto for SMATRICS customers: “No card? No problem!” Find out here how easily you can activate any charging station of your "home network" SMATRICS EnBW with your smartphone:

Important notes

important notes charging by mobile phone
  • Charging by mobile phone is not covered by Flat NET tariffs
  • No combination of the activation methods: The charging can be started and ended using the SMATRICS app instead of the SMATRICS charging card. A combination of the two activation methods is not possible. If the charging was started via the app, it must also be ended with the app.
  • Clear the parking space after charging: Clear the parking space after the charging is finished within 15 minutes so other customer can use the charging station.
charging instructions
How does charging from the charging station work?

charging instructions

Since vehicles, plugs and charging stations differ from one another, the individual steps of the charging procedure may vary. Here you’ll find a step-by-step explanation applicable to all charging stations with charging card and smartphone.