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SMATRICS THG Prämie 2023 verlängert
Erstellungsdatum: 25.07.2023

SMATRICS campaign extended due to success: THG premium brings e-mobilists cash & protects climate

SMATRICS, the leading charging provider for electric mobility, is extending its successful THG premium campaign. Owners of e-vehicles still have the opportunity to receive a bonus worth a total of 400 euros, provided that their vehicles are not equipped with fossil fuels but with sustainable electric drives. With the GHG quota (greenhouse gas reduction quota, in German "Treibhausgasminderungsquote" / THG), the incentive system for companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, e-mobilists are enabled to exchange the CO2 they save for a THG premium via SMATRICS.

"We feel confirmed by the great demand and are pleased about the win-win situation. With the THG campaign, we not only get more e-drivers on the road in a sustainable way, but also contribute to climate protection. This is driving for climate protection," says SMATRICS CEO Hauke Hinrichs.


GHG premium: certificate trading for e-mobility

Similar to other forms of certificate trading, companies receive units representing emissions. Companies that reduce their emissions can sell surplus units. Other companies can buy these units to offset their own emissions. This promotes the reduction of emissions and helps in the fight against climate change.

Drivers of electric vehicles can also benefit by "selling" their CO2 savings and receiving a premium in Austria now, the THG premium. This is made possible by the amended fuel ordinance (in German "novellierte Kraftstoffverordnung" / KVO).


Driving for climate protection

E-mobilists can prove their CO2 savings by driving their electric vehicle and receive a financial bonus for doing so. Irrespective of charging behaviour and mileage, drivers of electric cars receive a lump-sum payment of 281.20 euros per vehicle - directly to their account within five weeks - as well as the SMATRICS Charge Pro tariff for one year without a basic fee worth 118.80 euros.


Promoting e-mobility in companies

Companies can also benefit from the THG premium, especially when converting their corporate fleets to e-mobility. "If companies also switch to sustainable mobility, this is the next big step in the right direction and an important lever to reduce fossil dependencies in the mobility sector," says Hauke Hinrichs. "With the THG premium, we offer companies another incentive to convert their buses or light commercial vehicles to e-mobility in an environmentally friendly way and to make an active contribution to climate protection."


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