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AVILOO Batterietest mit SMATRICS
Erstellungsdatum: 17.05.2023

AVILOO PREMIUM battery test for electric vehicles

E-batteries become weaker over time or are subject to degradation, which results in a reduction in the available power and capacity and thus the range of the vehicle. With the AVILOO PREMIUM battery test, you can precisely measure this loss of capacity and retrieve the results in a battery certificate.


Advantages of the AVILOO PREMIUM battery tests

  • Clarity about battery status: determine the condition of your vehicle battery - precisely & independent from manufacturers.
  • Safety when buying & selling: easy & quick clarification whether the respective e-vehicle meets the range requirements.

You can find more information directly at AVILOO

With the voucher code SMATRICS2023 you will receive a 10% discount on your next AVILOO PREMIUM battery test.


Industry standard of e-battery testing

The AVILOO test procedure is being used in vehicle trading and by testing companies regularly and has become the de facto industry standard for testing lithium traction batteries.

Due to the constant further development of the test procedure, it will also be possible in the future to carry out different test variants with shorter test durations.

"All users, fleet managers and every leasing company should find out about the condition of the battery in an e-vehicle, since the battery is an essential component and a cost driver in e-vehicles. With its software and the developed test kit, AVILOO offers a uncomplicated way to obtain a certificate on the condition of the battery from a neutral body and thus to determine the service life and the value of the vehicle."

Ronald Lausch, CSO SMATRICS


Objective, manufacturer-independent & precise

Battery tests & battery certificates give you clarity about the condition of the batteries in your e-vehicles, regardless of whether you use them privately or your company uses them as fleet vehicles. With the results of the AVILOO PREMIUM battery test, both the value of e-vehicles can be determined more precisely and information on the actual range can be obtained.

You can find out more about the TÜV-certified battery test for electric vehicles directly from AVILOO. As a SMATRICS user you also save 10% on your next battery test, simply enter the voucher code SMATRICS2023 when placing your order.