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Raiffeisen Muthgasse E-Mobilitätslösung von SMATRICS
Erstellungsdatum: 29.09.2022

Raiffeisen relies on sustainable charging solution from SMATRICS

At the Raiffeisen office location space2move in Vienna's 19th district, which houses Raiffeisen Bank International units as well as a large number of subsidiaries (including Raiffeisen-Leasing, Raiffeisen Bausparkasse, Raiffeisen Factorbank, Valida, Raiffeisen KAG, etc.), 45 charging stations for SMATRICS e-vehicles have already been installed and put into operation this year.

As Raiffeisen is increasingly using e-vehicles as company vehicles in the interests of sustainable and CO2-free mobility - in particular via Raiffeisen-Leasing and Raiffeisen-Leasing fleet management - it was also necessary to implement a forward-looking and sustainable charging solution for different user groups at the office location.


Future-proof charging infrastructure for Raiffeisen

"As the responsible facility manager, it is important to upgrade our properties for future charging infrastructure requirements and to make them fit for the future and to be able to draw on the experience of experts. In SMATRICS, we have found a partner that perfectly meets our current and future requirements," comments Dr Jürgen Scheicher, Managing Director of ZHS Office and Facility Management at Raiffeisen Bank International.

This was successfully realised thanks to the Company Charging solution from SMATRICS, which supports different user groups (company car drivers at the company location and at home, employees and also guests with charging options).

In addition to the 45 wallboxes already installed, further expansion was already taken into account during the design, installation and dimensioning of the network capacity.


Charging at Raiffeisen & in the entire SMATRICS EnBW charging network

With the SMATRICS charging cards issued by Raiffeisen-Leasing Fuhrparkmanagement, users can charge not only at the location, but also in the public charging network of SMATRICS EnBW and at SMATRICS partner networks & roaming providers throughout Austria and Europe.

Alexander Schmidecker, CEO of Raiffeisen-Leasing GmbH, comments: "As the financing expert for e-vehicles, Raiffeisen-Leasing has also been successfully cooperating with SMATRICS charging concepts for its customers for years. It was therefore a logical step to implement the SMATRICS charging solution here at the office location."


Professional e-mobility solution for complex office location

Ronald Lausch, Chief Sales Officer at SMATRICS, sees this strong partnership as a win-win situation: "We are proud to have our charging solution in use with Raiffeisen at this location. With our experience and expertise, we are able to make charging infrastructure easy to use at complex office locations - for different companies with different user groups. I would like to thank everyone involved for their excellent and professional cooperation, from conceptualisation to implementation."


Strong partnership with RWA subsidiary GENOL

In addition, SMATRICS has already successfully implemented charging solutions with several Raiffeisen banks. The energy company Genol, which is part of RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria, also relies on a strong partnership with SMATRICS.

Genol already offers end customers not only charging cards in its own design powered by SMATRICS, but also its own high-speed charging stations at attractive locations. SMATRICS is responsible for the installation, hardware delivery, rollout & network connection of the charging stations, as well as operational management and monitoring.

"Every contribution to the expansion of e-mobility is important to ensure smart, fast charging throughout Austria," says Ronald Lausch.