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The SMATRICS EnBW network is Austria’s only nationwide high-performance charging network. With high-power charging stations (HPC) equipped with state-of-the-art technology and charging times of 5 min for up to 100 km, SMATRICS EnBW allows an optimal charging experience along motorways and in and around cities. And always with electricity from 100% hydropower.

smatrics enbw charging network
The Charging Network with New Standards

Austria’s largest and most efficient charging network is coming into being under the name SMATRICS EnBW. By the end of 2021, the around 500 existing fast-charging points from the SMATRICS network will be extended by at least a further 100 ultra-fast charging points with up to 350 kW along motorways and in inner-city areas of Austria. Thus, complete coverage with high-power chargers (HPCs) in urban centers and on the road is ensured for the first time. Hence, charging is becoming increasingly efficient and convenient. In the SMATRICS EnBW network, you do not need to worry about the range of your vehicle.

smatrics enbw charging network
Two companies. One network.

With SMATRICS and EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg), two companies, each of them one of the leading providers in electromobility and in the area of ultra-fast charging, combine their expertise. Today, the EnBW HyperNetz is already the largest fast-charging network in Germany. With SMATRICS EnBW, the extension of a nationwide ultra-fast-charging infrastructure in Austria is also now being advanced. According to its expertise, the joint venture partner SMATRICS, which continues to be independent, assumes the role of technical service provider for the joint venture. Together, the two partners are bringing nationwide short charging times to Austria thanks to HPCs.

vision mission smatrics enbw
Vision & Mission

Ultra-Fast Charging Makes it Possible

The batteries of e-cars can store an increasing amount of performance and can also charge them increasingly quickly. SMATRICS EnBW brings the new dimension of charging exactly where you need it: on long routes, in the city, when shopping – in short, wherever as much performance as possible is to be accessed within the shortest time. With the high-quality premium service – best location with maximum charging speed and outstanding service quality – SMATRICS EnBW is seeking to establish itself as the market leader in Austria. Any objective is feasible: traveling long routes on a purely electric basis without worrying about ranges thanks to HPC. Getting spontaneously from A to B without having to think about the battery status. Companies can convert to an e-fleet without any problem and enable sustainable mobility in the private and professional sphere.

With the high-quality premium service – best location with maximum charging speed and outstanding service quality – SMATRICS EnBW is seeking to establish itself as the market leader in Austria.

hinrichs regerbis management smatrics enbw
Amadeus Regerbis & Hauke Hinrichs
Management, SMATRICS EnBW

The Joint Venture Partners


EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is one of the largest energy companies in Germany and Europe and provides approximately 5.5 million customers with electricity, gas, and water as well as with energy solutions and energy-industrial services. In the area of e-mobility, EnBW has developed into one of the market leaders in the last few years and, as a full-service provider, covers the complete range with its subsidiaries: from electricity generation from renewable energy sources to development and expansion and the operation of charging infrastructure to digital solutions for consumers. With the multi-award-winning EnBW mobility+ app and charging card, e-car drivers have access to the EnBW HyperNetz, the largest charging network in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and a total of over 150,000 charging points in Europe.

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SMATRICS is one of the leading international e-mobility service providers with a business focus on infrastructure, services, and IT in Austria and beyond. As the constructor and operator of the first nationwide high-performance charging network in Austria, SMATRICS gained valuable experience that the company now offers corporate customers a 360-degree service. The portfolio includes all areas of the e-mobile value chain, from hardware, planning, and construction to operation, the agendas of tariff management and billing as well as customer service around the clock. The service covers integrative charging solutions for energy suppliers, mobility providers, gas stations, and commercial enterprises as well as simple plug-and-play products for companies with their own fleet or real estate operators.

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News & Press

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What does SMATRICS EnBW stand for?

SMATRICS EnBW, a joint subsidiary of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG and SMATRICS GmbH & Co. KG, will operate the largest Austria-wide charging network with around 500 charging points in 250 charging locations – thereof approximately 250 fast charging points at around 100 fast charging locations – along motorways as well as in and around cities. The electricity at SMATRICS EnBW charging points comes from 100% renewable energies.

What changes for me as an e-car driver due to the formation of the SMATRICS EnBW joint venture?

Nothing changes for the customers of the public charging network with regard to the contractual relationship, the charging card, or tariffs; they will continue to receive unrestricted service from the parent company SMATRICS.

What changes for me as a corporate customer due to the formation of the SMATRICS EnBW joint venture?

The same applies to corporate customers, as all other services of SMATRICS as an international e-mobility service provider for infrastructure, operation, service, and IT solutions will also continue to be offered exclusively by the parent company SMATRICS. The updated contract documents will promptly be sent to all location partners in a separate letter. Of course, the management known to you as well as your contact persons remain unchanged.

How long does it take until my car is fully charged?

This depends on the vehicle, the charging level of the battery and the charging station. Depending on which charging station you use and how strong the battery of the electric car is, the charging process takes different amounts of time. At a high-speed charging station, an electric car can be fully charged in just half an hour.

At what time can I charge at a SMATRICS EnBW charging station?

You can find the opening hours of the individual SMATRICS EnBW charging station on our website and in the SMATRICS app. It may happen that a location partner restricts the charging times.

Do I need my own charging cable to charge at a SMATRICS EnBW charging station?

SMATRICS EnBW high-speed charging stations are fitted with charging cables. All others vary, some have pre-fitted cables (typ2), others only have sockets (for type1 and type2 vehicles). DC high-speed charging stations are an exception - no additional charging cable is required for these, as the charging cable is already integrated in the charging station. In general we recommend that you always carrying your own charging cable. You can find out whether a charging station has a socket or a plug here on the website.

How do I find the right charging station?

A current overview of the SMATRICS EnBW charging stations can be found on our website under the menu option “Charging Network ”. This overview is continuously updated with new charging stations. Furthermore, this information is also available on the SMATRICS mobile App for iOS and Android. Real-time information on the charging stations is available on the App (is the station free or occupied) and the App also has a routing feature that you can use to simply navigate to a selected station.

What do I need at a public SMATRICS EnBW charging station?

The SMATRICS customer card (RFID card) and a Type 2/Type 1 or a Type 2/Type 2 adapter charging cable, depending on the charging coupler on your vehicle, are required to charge at the public charging stations. Except for DC high-speed charging stations, whereby an additional charging cable is not necessary, as the cable is already integrated in the charging station.

Identification takes place at the charging station with the personal customer card (RFID card). The charging cable is then connected to the vehicle and the charging process begins automatically or by confirming on the display. In order to end the charging process, identification with the customer card must take place again and the cable can then be removed.

The standard plug for the European market is the Type 2 plug. The plug types currently on the market are not yet standardised on either the vehicle or charging station sides. Depending on the vehicle or charging station, either Type 1, Type 2, Combo, CHAdeMO or Schuko (household) plugs are used. The Type 2 plug can be used to charge at most charging stations.

Do I have to fully charge my vehicle and how do I charge my vehicle?

The modern batteries in electrified cards do not have to be fully charged or completely emptied. The charging process can be stopped and continued at any time.

The duration of a full charge depends on the battery and essentially the capacity of the charging station. High-speed charging with up to 50 kW: approx. 20 minutes. Accelerated charging with 22 kW: around 1 hour. Normal charging at home (wallbox, 3.7 kW): approximately 8 hours – specifically for charging overnight.

Depending on the charging station, the charging cable may be fixed to the public charge point or wallbox or it may have to be provided by the customer in order to connect the vehicle to the charging station. You must authenticate yourself with the SMATRICS customer card at the charge point before charging. In order to end the charging process, simply hold the SMATRICS customer card up to the card reader again. Identification is not required for the private wallbox.

What charging stations are available?

SMATRICS EnBW offers high power charger (up to 350 kW), highspeed charging stations (up to 50 kW) and accelerated charging stations (up to 22 kW). The main difference is the charging capacity (unit: kW). The charging capacity of ultra-highspeed and highspeed charging stations is much higher, thus the charging time is significantly reduced. The electricity comes from 100% renewable energy sources.

Can I charge my battery if it is not empty yet?

Yes, you can charge the battery at any time.

Can my charging cable be stolen during the charging process?

In the private sector, it is assumed that the wallbox is installed in a lockable area. With regard to public charging stations, the cable is locked on the charging station side during the charging process until the process is ended by the customer. Many electric vehicles also lock the charging cable on the vehicle side during the charging process.

Can I also charge other devices using the charge point/wallbox?

No, only certified electric vehicles may be charged using the SMATRICS EnBW charge points and wallboxes.

How do I know that the charging has finished?

There are various ways to end a charging process. This can also happen automatically sometimes, which can even be of advantage to you and you pay less.

How much do I pay at the chosen charging point?

The per-minute price for the charging depends on the maximum output per charging point. The maximum output can be found on our website, the app and on the SMATRICS EnBW charging station itself.

What can I do if a charging station is not working?

In case of malfunctioning of a charging station please contact the service hotline +43 5 031 351 855. The number is also placed at each SMATRICS EnBW charging station.

Is it possible that other customers stop my charging session while I am not on site?

No, if a charging session is started using the app/the charging card, it also must be terminated using your own app/your charging card.