No card? No problem!
Charging by your mobile phone

The motto for SMATRICS customers: “No card? No problem!” Find out here how easily you can activate any SMATRICS station with your mobile phone:

1. Sign in

In the customer area, you sign in with your SMATRICS user account. Either in the SMATRICS app or directly on the SMATRICS website. 
If you’re already a SMATRICS customer but don’t yet have a user account, you can set it up here:

Set up user account



2. Select charging station

Select the desired charging station on the map or from the list.

Connect car and charging station with the charging cable.

NOTE: In the case of charging stations with a locked socket, the cable is inserted later, after pressing the START button (see step #4).

3. Select charging point

Click on “Charge” at the desired charging point.

Charging points can only be selected if they are displayed as FREE.


start button

4. Start

Press START to confirm.

NOTE: In the case of charging stations with a locked socket, the cable can now be inserted into the station. 

stop button


​The charging is ended by clicking on the STOP button.

You can now pull the cable out.

After ending the charging, it will be displayed under “Last charges”.


  • Charging by mobile phone is not covered by all tariffs: Charging by mobile phone is only available with the tariffs: Single NET, Smart NET, Active NET and Direct NET.
  • No combination of the activation methods: The charging can be started and ended using the SMATRICS app instead of the SMATRICS charging card. A combination of the two activation methods is not possible. If the charging was started via the app, it must also be ended with the app.
  • Clear the parking space after charging: Clear the parking space after the charging is finished within 15 minutes so other customer can use the charging station.