For private customers

Whether you want to charge at home or on the go: SMATRICS is there for you. We offer charging stations, Austria’s fastest and densest charging network, and multiple services that make charging easy and convenient. From installation at home up to charging by mobile phone.

Mann steckt Ladekabel an Wallbox an


The SMATRICS wallbox is your personal charging station for secure, quick and efficient charging at home or on the premises of your company. SMATRICS will support and assist you from A to Z. From the install check to clarification of the conditions on site to installation and commissioning right up to additional charging cables for all commercially available connections.
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Charging instructions

Since vehicles, plugs and charging stations differ from one another, the individual steps of the charging procedure may vary. Here you will learn how to charge your electric car at the various charging points with the SMATRICS customer card, SMATRICS app or via the website.

Partner networks

Mobility doesn’t end at national borders for SMATRICS. As a SMATRICS customer, you can also use the charging stations of our partners in Austria and abroad.