The SMATRICS wallbox is your personal charging station for safe, fast and efficient charging at home or at work. SMATRICS provides you with everything you need from A to Z. From the install check that clarifies the local circumstances, to installation and activation, right up to additional charging cables for all standard connections.

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Basic BOX

The perfect entry point to the world of safe and efficient charging. Perfect for easy charging at home or business that want to make their charging station available to their employees. Simply plug it in.

Professional BOX

The intelligent BOX from SMATRICS. You determine who can charge the vehicle, and you can call up charging data online and use it for reimbursements, for example. If required, SMATRICS can also perform the operation and settlement for you.


Turn your domestic power socket into a charging station – from a standard Schuko power socket to a high voltage socket. The Basic MOBILE UNIT from SMATRICS always achieves the very best charging capacity.

Professional MOBILE UNIT

If you want to charge vehicles anywhere and always stay in the picture, then you need a SMATRICS Professional MOBILE UNIT. Thanks to modern communications technology, you can see all charging information on your mobile phone right away – no matter which power outlet is currently charging your electric car.



With SMATRICS e-mobility is easy and above all convenient. Ultimately, a plug-in or electric car is a daily companion. Here you can find a wide range of charging cables for all common plug types and outputs.

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A wall box is more than the installation of an “intelligent” socket. SMATRICS is your installation partner for all of Austria – from the first assessment of the existing electrical system to initial introduction training. Our experts ensure that your present electrical network is being used effectively and at the same that the battery in your vehicle is being charged efficiently. That way you’re playing it safe and can be sure that everything from installation to connection complies with ÖNORM 61851.

Your install check

A SMATRICS specialist checks the local circumstances to find the best solution for you and to create a cost forecast before installation - from € 180,- * (€ 150,- net). An on-site examination is possible - price on request.
If you want to, our specialist will also carry out the entire installation for you.

* Examination based on photo documentation.



Those who travel by electric car not only benefit from the incomparable driving pleasure, but also from numerous financial benefits. The government will support you with subsidies, whereby each province and the individual municipalities offer different models.

Mercedes B

Herbert K., senior physician from Lower Austria, commutes every day to Vienna for work, driving many kilometres every year. He charges overnight at home in his garage using a SMATRICS Wallbox and saves around 1/3 of the running costs of a petrol vehicle. His irregular working hours mean he is sometimes at home for less than 8 hours, and his car needs to be recharged quickly. With a special 11kW SMATRICS Wallbox he not only charges safely and cost-efficiently, but also three times as fast as with a normal socket.

Federal province: Lower Austria
E-car: Mercedes B-250e
Gross list price: € 39.800,-
Subsidy from Federal Province of Lower Austria: - € 3.000,-
Estimated purchase price: € 36.800,-
11kW Wallbox, without cable: € 1.080,-
No liability is assumed for the stated figures.
Nissan Leaf

Sabine H., electrical engineer from Klagenfurt, uses public transport to commute to work and uses an e-car in her free-time. She charges her car either at one of the many public SMATRICS charging stations or simply using the SMATRICS Wallbox in her apartment building. By using an e-car she saves not only money, but also makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

Federal province: Carinthia
E-car: Nissan Leaf Visia 25kWh
Gross list price: € 28.560,-
Federal subsidy: - € 4.300,-
Estimated purchase price: € 24.260,-
3.7kW Wallbox, with cable: € 912,-
Gross Wallbox subsidy: - € 200,-
No liability is assumed for the stated figures.
You can find information on current subsidies as well as the tax advantages of e-cars on the website of Austrian Mobile Power at http://www.austrian-mobile-power.at.



Would you prefer to learn more about SMATRICS? Simply call us or send us an email to info@smatrics.com

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