A charging network with new standards

The SMATRICS EnBW network is Austria's only nationwide high-performance charging network. With ultra-fast charging stations of the latest technology and charging times of 5 minutes for 100 km, SMATRICS EnBW enables an optimal charging experience. In addition to the existing more than 450 fast charging points from the SMATRICS network, at least 100 ultra-fast charging points with 300 kW will be added along highways and in metropolitan areas by the end of 2021.Always with electricity from 100% hydropower.

  • Charging station
  • Highspeed charging station
  • Ultra-Highspeed charging station
  • Partner charging station
  • Highspeed partner station
  • Ultra-Highspeed partner station
  • Coming Soon

Charging at the SMATRICS EnBW network

At the SMATRICS EnBW network, you can charge either with the customer card of your mobility provider or by smartphone and QR code scan directly at the charging station.

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With SMATRICS and EnBW, two companies combine their expertise, making each of them one of the leading providers in electromobility and in the area of ultra-fast charging.

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