SMATRICS COMPANY CHARGING is a professional charging solution for companies with their own parking area, company vehicles and different users at one or more company locations. SMATRICS takes care of the operation of your charging stations as well as the billing of the charging sessions of the various users. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

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  • You are planning to set up or already have charging stations 
  • Up to 4 user groups: company cars, employees’ personal vehicles, guests and company cars at home
  • The user groups charge at different prices
  • You want the ongoing operations as well as the billing of the charging sessions to be externally ensured
  • The various user groups charge at different tariffs
  • Guests access the charging stations by means of simple ad hoc authorisation
  • Public charging for company vehicles is included

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  • Plug and play solution for your company location
  • Professional, cost-efficient operation of the charging stations
  • Creation of several user groups (own fleet, employees, guests) with separate tariffs
  • Participation in sales from charging sessions to the benefit of the company
  • Comprehensive user management and professional operations management without extra personnel expenditure


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We offer individualised 360-degree solutions that meet all your needs. From a simple wallbox to your very own charging network: we will find the right solution and are looking forward to hearing from you.

4 user groups - 1 solution

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Company cars & commercial vehicles

Employees charge company-provided vehicles at the office. They authenticate themselves through an RFID card and you receive monthly reports.


  • Charging for free at company sites
  • Simple allocation by cost center
  • Access to our Europe-wide charging network & a similar experience to fuel cards
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Employees‘ personal cars

Employees can charge their own cars at work at a price you set. They pay SMATRICS via credit card or direct debit and you get a refund for the electricity.


  • Set cheaper rates for employees
  • Attractive rates on a kWh-basis possible
  • Faster return on your initial investment
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At home

You can take on the cost of charging company vehicles at your employees‘ homes. You receive a monthly report of the kWh used per company vehicle and can reimburse your employees.


  • Employer pays for the cost of electricity at home, like you would for fuel
  • Incentive to choose an electric vehicle
  • Shift charge load from work to home
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Visitors & customers

Open up your charge points to visitors and accelerate your return on investment. You set the price and visitors pay via their phone. SMATRICS handles the payment and invoicing and you receive a reimbursement.


  • Faster return on your initial investment
  • No administrative burden
  • Positive reputation


These customers already use SMATRICS Company Charging:


Professional operations & monitoring

The operation of your charging stations is monitored permanently and guaranteed by means of remote maintenance and, if necessary, on-site service.

Charging reports

You receive an overview of all charging processes, charging volumes (kWh), charging times and duration.

Charging cards for company vehicles and for employees with private vehicles

Every user i.e. vehicle receives an individual charging card. Unauthorised persons are not able to charge at the charging stations.

Ad hoc charging for guests

Charging at company charging stations via internal company web app and payment via credit card


Selection of individual tariffs for each user group from a tariff portfolio

Billing service

Your customers pay conveniently via credit card or direct debit – SMATRICS takes care of the data and money transfer. For your fleet vehicles, you receive a list of the charging sessions per user if desired, for the allocation to internal cost centres.

Reimbursement of the charging sessions of employees and guests

You receive a monthly credit with all your charging revenues at the agreed reimbursement rate.


Your fleet is able to charge in the SMATRICS network and in our partner networks. At the same time, all SMATRICS roaming partners can also charge at your stations, if desired.

24/7 hotline

Professional support via hotline and ticketing system

Home Charging (optional)

Your employees continue to pay for their electricity at home. SMATRICS tracks kWh charged by company vehicle and sends you a monthly report. You can then reimburse your employees straight via payroll or through your standard expense processes.

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