Standard products

SMATRICS offers plug-and-play packages that are ready for immediate use. The offer includes products for Charge Point Operators - those who operate charging stations - as well as for Mobility Service Providers - those who have their own charging customers. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art Charge Point Management System provides insights into your charging stations. A professional tool to have everything under control 24/7.

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Station Management

SMATRICS COMPANY CHARGING and BUSINESS PARK CHARGING are professional charging solutions for companies with their own or rented parking spaces and serve different users at one or more company locations. SMATRICS takes over the operation of your charging stations as well as the billing of the charges for the different users. You don't need to deal with anything.

Partner Service

Your charging station can become part of the largest charging network in Austria and beyond through the SMATRICS Partner Service. SMATRICS takes over the entire administration including invoicing of your clients. A service that does not affect your core process and brings you credits for your earnings month by month. The Partner Service turns your investment into a profit.

Company Charging

SMATRICS Company Charging - a charging solution for companies with their own parking lot, company cars and different users at a single or several company sites. SMATRICS takes over the operation of your charging stations as well as the billing for all your users. You do not need to worry about anything.
Online Applikation

Charge Point Management System

We developed a state-of-the-art charge point management system that enables easy handling of daily activities and challenges of a Charge Point Operator (CPO) - easy and efficient in everyday life. On request, the Charge Point Management System can be voice controlled. Thanks to responsive design, the system can even be used from your smartphone or tablet. It is matching with the common hardware infrastructure, additional hardware can be integrated on request.
residential charging

Residential Charging

E-mobility is an unstoppable process that affects all areas of our life – particularly our concept of living. After all, charging is mainly carried out at home. Hence the ever-increasing demand for parking spaces that are equipped with charging facilities. With RESIDENTIAL CHARGING, SMATRICS offers a complete package specially designed for charging in residential housing. As the cooperative society or property manager, you need not worry about anything at all.