White Label Apps




Do you want your users to be able to charge directly and hassle-free?

Is perfectly prepared information important to you?

Does charging need to work with a smartphone for you?

Don’t want to provide any resources for web development?

Would you like the apps to be configured in your corporate design?

Don’t want to have to worry about data security?


native app white label


With the SMATRICS white label apps, your users have an immediate overview of all information. Your charging stations are clearly displayed on the map. Details such as connector types, charging output, a description of the location and of course availability are all provided for each station. The user is also able to view the charging history.


  • Static and dynamic charging point information
  • Personal user portal
  • Charging history data
Funktionen White Label Apps


With the white label website and smartphone app, you give your users a broad spectrum of useful functions. From registration, to the activation of the station and starting and stopping of the charging session, all the way to convenient and easy payment. Filter functions enable them to find precisely the charging stations they desire.


  • Registration
  • Complete charging control
  • Payment function
White Label

Your appearance

Your users should feel at home with you. This is why the apps are available as a white label solution to be adapted to your brand. Colour scheme, logo, icons – it is all adjusted to suit your corporate design. SMATRICS takes care of everything from the conception and creation, all the way to the implementation and ongoing hosting.


  • White label option
  • From conception to implementation
  • Hosting & update guarantee


Your benefits

The app enables your users to charge conveniently without a card

You offer clear information on the charging network and the charging procedures

Immediate charging via mobile phone and spontaneous registration can be carried out directly at the charging station

Responsive web design of the white label website conforms to suit all end devices

Professional functionality boosts your image

Absolutely no internal development or hosting costs

Smartphone app is available for download from the store

The SMATRICS bonus

Tried and tested in-house development guarantees reliable operation

Reliability thanks to state-of-the-art technology and permanent updates

White label website and smartphone app seamlessly adapts to the SMATRICS service spectrum

Short release times of the website thanks to ready-made modules

Conception and creation of the entire website and smartphone app as a white label solution in the design of your company

Implementation and ongoing coordination between SMATRICS and the corporate customer


White Labeling

White labeling adapts the entire appearance of the app to your corporate identity - your logo, your corporate design and your name in the App Store or browser.


Available for white label website and smartphone app.

Charging station finder, route planning and details
  • Search by address or keyword
  • Filters by performance and provider
  • Display of the status of the charging stations (free/busy)
  • Details: location description, opening hours, performance, plug types and much more
  • Charging instructions
  • Start & stop function
  • Route planning to the selected charging station


Available for white label website and smartphone app.

Ad-hoc charging by credit card

Instant charging via mobile phone - spontaneous access to your station (scan QR codes on station, register via app and pay conveniently by credit card).


Available for white label website and smartphone app premium.

QR Code Scanner

QR Code scanner for easier selection of charging points


Available for white label smartphone app premium.

Customer area

Personal user portal enables uncomplicated registration using card number and e-mail address.

  • Registration as new customer
  • Unlocking the charging station and starting the charging process
  • Details of your last loads (start time, duration, price etc.)
  • Tickets can be ordered upon registration


Available for white label website and smartphone app premium


Simply explained - White Label Website and Smartphone App

white label website


The white label website is an application that can be called up in the browser of any end device. You do not need to install your own smartphone app to use this application. It can be accessed just like a conventional website.

  • Access with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Responsive web design adapts to all devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop)
whitelabel smartphone app

Smartphone App

The smartphone app (or native app) is an application that has been specially developed for operating systems of mobile devices (iOS, Android). It is installed directly on the devices via the App Store or Play Store.

  • The app is stored on the device and can therefore be called up quickly
  • Available for Android and iOs
  • Customers remain logged in

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These customers already use the SMATRICS white label website:

A chat with the pros

With the white label website and smartphone app by SMATRICS, you provide your users with a tool that is perfectly adjusted to suit the needs of everyday life – and upon request, this can also be implemented as a white label solution in your corporate design.
We would be delighted to tell you more.