Charge Point Management

With charVIS, our intelligent Charge Point Management System (CPMS) for charge point operators, you have your charge points under control 24/7. The software is compatible with all the standard types of hardware and protocols. Thanks to the intuitive operation, the routine tasks and troubleshooting can be carried out efficiently. By the way, it also works on your smartphone or tablet.


Would like to be notified about the status of your charge points at any time?

Would you like to be notified of problems at a charge point so that you can respond remotely?

Would you like to provide ease of use for your employees?

Do you attach importance to compatibility so that more charge points can be integrated in the future?

Should your field service employees be able to use the system on smartphones?

Should your employees and partners be able to view different information according to their role?

SMATRICS Charge Point Management User Gruppen


charVIS, the Charge Point Management System from SMATRICS, has been designed for different roles:

    • Network Operator
    • Customer Service Agent
    • Field Service and/or Electrical Engineer
Use cases from the everyday life of a charge point operator
SMATRICS CPMS Screenshot Station anlegen
Add charge points
  • Use templates from other charge points
  • Mark the location precisely via drag & drop
  • Distinguish your own charge points from sub-clients
  • As soon as the charge point is online, it is automatically set to the available status.
SMATRICS CPMS Screenshot Stationen verwalten
Manage charge points
  • The status is displayed intelligently: “Charge point partially faulty” or “Charge point offline”.
  • View charger details: Connectivity status, firmware status, OCPP messages, ...
  • View event details
  • Complete firmware update over-the-air
SMATRICS CPMS Screenshot Suchfeld
Help customers
  • Intuitive search: by POI or EVSE ID
  • View charger, event and session details
  • Start/stop session remotely
  • Restart charge point remotely
SMATRICS charVIS Screenshot Fehler beheben
Proactive remedying of errors
  • Proactive notification of errors (alarming)
  • Analyze errors: automatic classification of OCPP error codes, OCPP detailed view
  • Fix remotely or leave comment for technician
SMATRICS charVIS Responsive View
Notify technicians
  • Responsive view adapts to the screen.
  • Search for the status of a charge point
  • View comments live & write update


Your advantages

full overview and control of your charge points

intuitive usability on all end devices

intelligent alarming

multi-client system with rights groups

full compatibility with current OCPP-capable hardware & rapid integration of new hardware

Security: Data center and hosting in the EU

The SMATRICS bonus

designed on the basis of experience with the operation of the SMATRICS network

state of the art security (encrypted, European servers, fail-safe due to self-healing micro services)

continuous further development by in-house development team and market-based implementation of customer requirements

charVIS hardware

Services in detail

Administration of charge points
  • Add charge points – existing charge points can be used as a template.
  • Drag & drop for exact determination of location
  • Assign charge points to sub-CPO
  • Publish – make visible to roaming partners
Support for the operation
  • proactive monitoring of the mobile network connection
  • spoken status at the charge point level (“Working”, “Partially Working”, “Unreachable”, “Faulted” etc.) and details at the charging point level.
  • Incident management/alarming: Real-time fault messages, 1 click to the charge point or event list, highlight alarms as resolved
  • Problem management: Analyze OCPP error messages, clear errors on charge points, remote disconnects, create memos
  • Field service support: Responsive design for smartphones, OCPP error codes, show & adapt notes
  • Alarms immediately and clearly in view
  • Effective process: Trigger alarm/assign operator/mark as “solved” after rectification
Reporting & monitoring
  • Dashboard
  • Overview of all system-relevant parameters for the operation of charge points in real time (e.g. availability, communication, status, etc.)
  • Display of charge points, charging sessions and authorization attempts as well as events
  • Easy download of sessions as CSV file
  • Live monitoring and debugging when rectifying a charge point fault
  • Monthly reports by email (optional)
User management

Flexible logics for employees and partners: Roles and teams are applied to give employees, customers or partners the relevant view of the selected data. The following criteria can be combined to define teams: Hardware manufacturer and model, address/region and sub-CPO.

The logic is dynamic: When a new charger is created, the relevant teams will see it automatically.


  • Local teams see all the charge points in their region (e.g. Bavaria)
  • Managers see charge points across regions (e.g. DACH) or by sub-CPOs
  • Hardware manufacturers see all the alarms of their models in the field
  • The following hardware is compatible with the Charge Point Management System charVIS from SMATRICS: ABB, Alpitronic, Delta, Siemens, Mennekes, KEBA, EVtronic/EVBox, IES, Garo, EBG
  • All charge points can also be connected via OCPP 1.5. and 1.6. (SOAP & JSON) can be integrated on request
  • OCPP 2.0. is used for test integrations
SIM cards

Premium SIM cards are included in the operation of the charge point.

including VPN tunnel and maintenance


Your direct line to the SMATRICS experts.

API access

Access to the API possible for integrating the charVIS Charge Point Management System into your system or third party applications.


With our intelligent Charge Point Management System (CPMS), you have your charge points under control around the clock.
We will be pleased to tell you more.