Our software platform is flexible and modular. Your existing systems can take manage parts of the value chain and become integrated via interfaces. With the API from SMATRICS, you can retrieve information such as Charge Detail Records from our back-end and view and/or modify your end-customer data. A connection to ERP systems such as SAP is supported by the modular architecture.


Would like to connect your existing systems with ours?

Would you like to bill customers in your own systems, but manage charge points via the SMATRICS CPMS?

Would you like to be able to trigger remote starts or stops from your systems?

Would you like to have batch detail records delivered automatically to your back-end?



RFID cards

A token is an authorization medium – usually an RFID card or contract number or, in the future, the VIN (for Plug & Charge/ISO-15118 users).

  • With our API, you can retrieve tokens, create new ones and update existing ones.
  • You can also change the price associated with a particular token.
SMATRICS API Charge Detail Records

Charge detail records

Charge detail records (“events”) are the billing-related details of charging events that are generated after each charge. They contain a time stamp (start, end, duration), kWh and several attributes to identify the customer (contract number, card number, RFID UID, etc.).

Depending on your settings, you will receive “rated” or “unrated” CDRs.

  • A billing logic has already been applied to “rated CDRs”. You can specify the charged fees for each individual event on the basis of the respective tariff.
  • “Unrated CDRs” contain the raw kWh and duration of a charge without pricing information.

With our API, you can retrieve CDRs.

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Some of our customers want to process the customer management and billing in their own systems. In this case, you retain control of your customer data – all that you pass on to us are the charge card numbers so that we are able to identify your customers. We provide the charging data (“unrated charge detail records”) and you take care of the pricing, billing and customer information yourself. The communication takes place via our API.

Enterprise-level backend systems

Our systems are modular and allow for flexible working. External systems can dock for different parts of the value chain. Micro-services provide high performance and scalability.

Our client-capable architecture supports end-to-end white labeling and can map independent store networks and customer bases. We use modern frameworks and commonplace cloud services to provide a future-proof, scalable architecture.

SMATRICS API & Architektur
SMATRICS backend system architecture


  • OCPP 1.5 (SOAP) and 1.6 (JSON) are supported, 2.0 is in implementation.
  • All standard functions of the OCPP versions listed and realized above have already been implemented.
  • Collection & interpretation of all OCPP events in charVIS is implemented.
  • The exchanging of information between the SMATRICS CPMS and the charge point is carried out using web sockets and SOAP.
  • Version 2.2 is supported.
  • The implementation of protocol version 2.4 is planned.
  • Roaming functionalities via e-clearing in protocol version 1.4 (OCHP)
Plug & Charge
  • Plug & Charge according to ISO 15118 has been developed as a prototype and implemented in the Ultra-E EU funded project together with BMW Group & Audi AG.


Your advantages

Interactions with existing systems possible thanks to REST interfaces.

High security thanks to encrypted communication and certificate-based identification

Charge Detail Records in your own systems

The SMATRICS bonus

Modular architecture via a central Enterprise Service Bus

European servers

Flexibility in the scope of services in the e-mobility value chain


With the API from SMATRICS, it is possible to retrieve information from our back-end system on an easy and straightforward basis.
We will be pleased to tell you more.