Every charging card contains precisely what you want to offer: charge at your stations, charge in other networks throughout Austria, or even unlimited charging in the whole of Europe. With SMATRICS Roaming, you open up a world of charging options to your users – and vice versa, you too can choose to open your stations up to all e-vehicle drivers, regardless of whether they are your users or not. This brings you a greater utilisation rate and accelerates the refinancing.


Do you want to increase the utilisation rate of your charging stations?

Do you want to enable your users to access many partner networks?

Would you like to benefit from the constant expansion of our roaming partners?

Do you also want to profit from e-vehicle drivers who have not been users of yours so far?

Would you like to avoid contract and price negotiations with other network operators?

Don’t want to burden your IT department with issues such as integration and interfaces?


Roaming österreichweit

For your charging stations

Get the most out of your stations! We integrate your charging stations into the SMATRICS charging network that covers the whole of Austria. This enables thousands of users with SMATRICS as well as with our partner networks to charge with you. Of course your charging stations are also represented in the SMATRICS app. This generates significantly greater frequency and, accordingly, greater revenues.


  • Marketing for your charging station
  • Transparent reporting of all charging sessions
  • Monthly electricity cost refundin

For your charging customers

SMATRICS makes your charging card into a universal charging card. Your users are able to charge at thousands of charging stations throughout Austria and internationally, from Holland to Italy. The billing of the charging sessions in the various partner networks is carried out completely hassle-free in the background.


  • Austria-wide partner networks with thousands of charging points
  • International partners in several EU countries
  • Complete invoice processing by SMATRICS
grenzenloses Roaming

For your company

Roaming is based on a complex system of contracts, interfaces, tariffs, refunding and payment options. But you don’t need to worry about any of that. With SMATRICS roaming, all of this is already included. You profit from existing structures and conditions and run no risk whatsoever of deferred payments.


  • Negotiations with partner networks (contracts, roaming conditions etc.)
  • Billing and refunding
  • Technical implementation (access, connections, interfaces etc.)

Roaming partners

Our roaming partners include national as well as international providers. Together with our cooperation partners, SMATRICS enables a borderless charging network with over 77,000 charging points throughout Europe - and more are being added all the time. They use all existing SMATRICS roaming agreements in both directions (inbound and outbound). More information about our partner networks can be found here.


Your benefits

Increased utilisation rate of your own charging stations

Faster refinancing due to increased revenue

Added value for your users thanks to a multitude of additional charging options

No effort spent on contract & tariff negotiations

No billing effort, no risk of deferred payments

No access, connection or interface costs


A large number of partner networks throughout Austria and abroad are available to you immediately

You make use of the best roaming conditions of SMATRICS as a leading provider

Your charging station is present in the SMATRICS app and in popular charging station lists

Professional and rapid connection to partner networks

You and your users receive maximum profit


Inbound Roaming

Your charging stations are incorporated into the public SMATRICS charging network. In addition, your stations are also available to all users of the SMATRICS partner networks. This guarantees a higher utilisation rate and thus greater revenue. Each month, you receive a transparent list of the charging sessions at your charging stations as well as the corresponding refunding of the charging revenue.

Outbound Roaming

Your users are able to use the charging card issued by you or your web app in other networks throughout Austria and abroad. The costs are broken down on your users’ invoices. All offsetting of payments with the respective involved roaming partners is carried out by SMATRICS in the background – incurring no effort for you.

Roaming Aggregation

You make use of all existing SMATRICS roaming agreements in both directions (inbound and outbound). With this, on the one hand, you open up your charging stations to other users, and on the other, you provide your users with additional charging networks. SMATRICS takes care of all the accounting for you in the background (billing of end users, billing between partners, refunding to you). Here you will find a list of the current SMATRICS roaming partners.

Roaming Support

If you wish to take your roaming agreement and the implementation thereof into your own hands, SMATRICS is right there by your side to provide you with assistance and advice. We support you in the drawing up of conditions and specifications for your agreements, connections and accesses. This ensures that you profit from the experience of a leading e-mobility providers.

Potential partners

It is completely up to you to decide with whom you wish to conclude roaming agreements. SMATRICS maintains connections to the roaming platforms of Hubject and All providers within these platforms are available to you as uncomplicated potential roaming partners.

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A chat with the pros

With SMATRICS roaming, you open up a world of charging options to your users and increase the utilisation rate of your charging stations, and thus also your revenue.
We would be delighted to tell you more.