Project Development

Whether you are dealing with a new construction or existing buildings – the integration of a charging solution requires intensive planning. What system makes sense? What is feasible? And how can it all be realised in an efficient timeframe? All these are questions that SMATRICS is happy to answer for you. We are here for you right from the start, as a partner with extensive project, industry and hardware experience. Our expertise ranges from individual charging stations all the way to project planning for entire charging networks at a widely varied range of stations.


Let us plan your charging infrastructure

Are you planning on setting up charging stations?

Would you like to have your project professionally implemented?

Do you want a central contact partner for all activities?

Don’t want to have to deal with the planning and processes yourself?

Do you place value on established facts in decision-making?

Do you need an experienced partner?



What is required

Thanks to years of experience, SMATRICS is familiar with the possibilities of charging solutions down to the smallest detail. Following a detailed needs assessment, you receive specific hardware and operational recommendations. When dealing with several locations, the project development follows a strict roll-out plan in order to ensure that everything is fully coordinated.


  • Initial project development and feasibility check
  • Obtaining line information
  • Standardised & efficient roll-out planning


After clarifying the requirements and conditions, the project is implemented from A to Z. This ranges from coordinating with your energy supplier, to drawing up documents for third-party providers, all the way to obtaining offers so as to be able to make fact-based decisions.


  • Basic site layout
  • Creation of site plans incl. cable and excavation routes
  • Support in deciding to whom to award the contract


Your benefits

Comprehensive planning of your project down to the smallest detail

Cost efficiency thanks to experience with projects, industry and hardware

Support in decision-making with documents prepared in a transparent manner

One central point of contact for the entire project development

Reliable planning documents for smooth execution of construction work


Comprehensive experience with a wide variety of location types and their differing requirements

Experience with numerous types of hardware and the planning, project development and establishment thereof

Efficient execution thanks to standardised processes

Leading 360-degree solution provider, all from a single source

Competent point of contact for other trades and suppliers


Needs assessment and planning

In a preliminary discussion with you, we clarify what your requirements for the charging infrastructure are and which vehicle locations are suitable for setting up charging infrastructure from the perspective of your internal processes.

Hardware recommendations

A use case was developed on the basis of a needs assessment of the individual types of hardware (destination, fast, ultra fast charging). Based on this use case, SMATRICS recommendations were established that, in many years of operation, have proven their worth.

Initial project development

On-site visit with all relevant stakeholders in order to ensure the optimum positioning of the charging infrastructure, taking into consideration the traffic flows (interactions!) as well as the local conditions and requirements stemming from the operation of the existing customer system.

Site layouts

Based on the insights gained from the on-site visit as regards requirements, possible placements and layouts with their potential interactions are suggested to the customer and evaluated. Criteria include visibility, optimisation of traffic flow and technical accessibility.

Survey of existing installations and connection situation

SMATRICS gets in contact with the local distribution network operator, finds out where all the cables are located and the points at which sufficient electricity can be provided. These findings provide information on preferred installation locations for the charging infrastructure.

Project development documents & cost estimate

The results of all the above-mentioned points are summarised in a concluding report incl. technical drawings, and supported by a cost estimate. In the event of a roll-out, these documents can be used to select the most suitable locations, with the additional help of the cost-benefit ratio.

Tendering of all services

On the basis of the planning, SMATRICS puts out a tender for the necessary construction work and services. The prequalified SMATRICS network is drawn upon in this process. This network includes certified technicians for the respective charging station hardware.

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With the SMATRICS planning & project development, your charging solution is in professional hands right from the outset.
This avoids errors, saves costs and guarantees on-time, efficient implementation. We would be delighted to tell you more.