Regardless of whether you own individual charging stations or an entire charging network – SMATRICS ensures that everything runs smoothly around the clock. You don’t have to worry about a thing, since intelligent remote monitoring, rapid-response troubleshooting and perfectly maintained hardware are running in the background to ensure smooth, hassle-free operation.


Are you planning to set up or do you already own charging stations?

Do you want the charging stations to work reliably?

Do you want your everyday effort to be as minimal as possible?

Do you need absolute security during operations?

Would you like a separate hotline to supervise the users at the stations?

Do you value rapid responses in the event of errors?


Inspection & maintenance

SMATRICS doesn’t take its eye off your charging stations for a second. Via remote monitoring, it is possible to react even before an error occurs. Recurring problems are analysed and preventive solutions are implemented. Our technicians regularly inspect every single charging station in person.


  • Continuous monitoring for smooth operations
  • Analysis of recurring problems and solution with hardware manufacturers
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair
Ladestationen Betrieb


Time is the most important factor when it comes to remedying faults. SMATRICS works on the basis of remote access to the charging stations: from the reading of the error memory, to corrective measures, all the way to the restart. If this is not possible, certified technicians are available to help you. This combination of remote access and on-site service guarantees the highly efficient elimination of faults.


  • Remote activation & correction
  • Error analysis for problem prevention  
  • On-site elimination of faults

24/7 customer service

For every case – be it operation, the web app or a bug – the hotline is always ready to listen around the clock. Your users receive optimum care without you having to worry about them. Obviously, the same also applies to you and your company. In addition, the team of technicians is always ready to react directly on location. This provides you with the assurance of smooth operations at all times.


  • 24/7 hotline for you and your users
  • Remote access around the clock
  • On-site service from team of experts


Your benefits

Fewer personnel costs, no training expenditures in your company

You concentrate on your core business, while SMATRICS manages your charging network

Perfect charging experience reinforces customer satisfaction and boosts your image

A separate hotline is not necessary; your hotline can take care of your core business

Reliability of error-free operations


SMATRICS offers everything from a single source

The modular service offer can be adjusted to suit your requirements

Established hardware and software solutions ensure stability in the charging network

Your hardware is always up to date with the latest technology

Efficient problem-solving thanks to rapid response times


24/7 hotline (1st level)
  • Help with all questions regarding use of the charging stations
  • Charge Point Management System for permanent monitoring and proactive correction in the operation of the charging stations
  • Incident management deals with customer concerns professionally and processes them in a structured manner
  • Remote activation & steering enables the call centre to provide rapid solutions (start/stop charging procedure, solve problems with the cable interlocking, etc.)
  • Trouble ticketing (creation, processing, management) guarantees targeted notification of experts for effective solutions
Remote operation & quality control (2nd level)
  • Monitoring and proactive troubleshooting informs of the status of every single charging station and enables corrections via remote access in order to prevent errors in advance
  • Reactive troubleshooting is based on the analysis of recurring problems and the elaboration of solutions.
  • Problem management in cooperation with the respective manufacturer of the infrastructure
  • Monitoring of the data connection for error-free transfer to and from the charging stations
  • Remote updates of the firmware incl. approval and testing in live operation
  • Coordination and monitoring of on-site services
  • Monitoring of the service and process workflows guarantees troubleshooting within the agreed time; in the event of larger impairments you are informed immediately
On-site service (3rd level)
  • Regular repair & maintenance checks are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer specifications and guarantee that the charging stations comply with the safety requirements
  • Troubleshooting & elimination of faults is carried out by certified technicians – from the elimination (reactive) to necessary repairs
  • Periodic inspections ensure that the entire facility is functioning in accordance with all applicable norms

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