E-cars can draw large amounts of energy within a short time. This poses special challenges, because e-cars are not the only consumers in the house. Household and commercial appliances, heating, air conditioning, lighting or even other e-cars also want to be supplied with energy. This creates avoidable load peaks that can cause both one-time and ongoing costs. With load management from SMATRICS, charging is adapted to the respective situation so that every consumer gets what they need without causing expensive power peaks. This saves money and means that existing electrical connections do not have to be changed.

We are committed to efficient charging

Are you planning to set up or do you already own multiple charging stations?

Is your emphasis on efficient charging for all users?

Is operational security essential for you?

Do you want to avoid major changes to your network connection?

Do you have your own power resources available for use?

Are expansion possibilities for your charging solution important to you?

wohnimmobilien stromlasten vermeiden smart charging

Example of a residential building

When e-cars are plugged in at home after work, electricity consumption in the house also increases. In a building with several residential units, this effect is potentiated. Load management regulates the charging power and shifts part of it to the night. This saves hundreds of euros - year after year.


Smart Charging can be provided in a variety of ways in a charging solution. Either a master charging station controls the other stations or an external controller takes over the control of all stations, which allows even more flexibility.

Integrated controller

The simple solution for up to 16 charging points, if the main objective is to coordinate the performance of several charging stations.


  • Simple implementation
  • No additional components necessary
  • Up to 16 charging points possible
  • Unified hardware necessary
  • No inclusion of other consumers possible

External controller

The flexible solution for an unlimited number of charging points when the power peak of the entire building including other consumers has to be taken into account.


  • Ideal for larger properties with fluctuations in power demand.
  • Different hardware possible
  • Up to 32 charging points per controller
  • Additional installations necessary
  • Various load management strategies and profiles can be implemented


Your benefits

Intelligent management: other domestic consumers and electricity generators can be included

Low grid provision fee and low grid usage fee

Optimal use of your existing grid connection

Operational reliability through avoidance of load peaks

Future-proof: Easy scalability for additional charging points


Manufacturer independence: Different manufacturers and power classes can be combined.

Individual distribution logic: You determine whether all stations receive the same amount of power or whether individual stations should be prioritised.

Security through state-of-the-art technology

Modular expandable solutions

Security of a complete provider


Planning & project development

SMATRICS plans your charging solution including possible expansion stages and technical drawings and is available to answer all your questions on the subject of smart charging.


You receive all hardware components from the controller to the measuring and communication equipment directly from SMATRICS and do not need to worry about anything.


SMATRICS checks the professional installation and configures the desired charging management profiles. If necessary, training is provided.

Operation and field service

SMATRICS ensures that everything works around the clock. Remote monitoring, rapid troubleshooting and firmware updates ensure flawless operation.

Hotline for questions & adjustments

The SMATRICS hotline is always there for you. We will carry out adjustments to the configuration of the load management system for you remotely.

Assembly & Installation (optional)

Assembly of the hardware and takeover of the electrical installations are optional and can also be carried out by your trusted electrician if desired. 


We operate your charging system
We put your charging network into operation
We Build Your Charging Infrastructure


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