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The relationship with your charging customers begins even before the very first charging session, namely the moment you hand over the charging card to your users. Following this, you accompany your users day in and day out with each charging session and have an answer to all their questions – without having to worry about this yourself. The SMATRICS hotline & user management represents the professional supervision of your users, from the welcome call, to questions regarding the contract, to the acquisition of new customers. Your users receive personal supervision around the clock – and, upon request, under your own name.


Are you planning to set up or do you already own charging stations?

You don’t have your own hotline or don’t want to burden your hotline with charging issues?

Do you want to provide your users with the best support without tying up your own resources?

Does your company want to offer professional charging and user services?

Do you value rapid responses in the event of errors?

Do you want to give competent answers to your users’ questions?



24/7 immediate assistance

Questions and problems know no time. When a user has questions about the operation or desires information on the topic of charging, an immediate reaction is required. The SMATRICS hotline service solves problems around the clock: restarting, detaching cable connections, rectifying failed authorisations – all of this can be managed directly from the call centre.


  • 24/7 hotline for you and your users
  • Immediate solutions thanks to remote access
  • Rapid response times

Supervised by pros

Questions on the contents of contracts or the invoicing, on products and rates and, of course, any potential problems with the charging stations – the reasons for calling a hotline are numerous. The trained call centre employees are prepared to answer all topics. And they also take on additional administrative activities related to the user service.


  • Comprehensive knowledge from contracts to technology
  • Multilingual call centre
  • User administration
White Labeling

White label solution

Nothing earns a customer’s loyalty more than providing support in the event of problems. If you desire, SMATRICS contacts customers under your name. In this way, your company profits from the professionalism of the leading e-mobility provider. Your name stands for assistance and competence. Regular reports keep you in the loop.


  • White label hotline
  • Separate telephone number
  • Permanent reporting


Your benefits

No personnel costs and no training expenditures in your company

No hotline of your own i.e. you do not need to burden your user service with issues that are not part of your core business

Professional e-mobility service boosts your image

Efficient services increases customer satisfaction

Unlimited 24/7 availability


The very latest knowledge surrounding the topic of charging and e-mobility

Know-how transfer guarantees the state of knowledge is always up-to-date

Standardised processes as the basis for professional user support

Closely interlinked 1st, 2nd and 3rd level service portfolio

Escalation management; trained employees are also prepared for problematic customer inquiries


User service
  • 24/7 availability guarantees seamless user service
  • Alternative solutions provide your users with tips on nearby stations in case a charging point is not available
  • Troubleshooting in the event of operating errors at charging stations or wallboxes
  • Remote activation & steering enables the call centre to provide rapid solutions (start/stop charging procedure, solve problems with the cable interlocking, etc.)
  • The knowledge base offers a broad library of knowledge on all questions regarding contract contents, invoicing, products, rates, payment methods, roaming etc.
Problem management
  • Trouble ticketing (creation, processing, management) guarantees targeted notification of experts in the event that a problem cannot be solved via remote access
  • Incident management deals with your users’ concerns professionally and works through them according to strictly defined processes
White Labeling

White labelling carries out the entire service under your name. If desired, we can also use a hotline number of your choice.

User management
  • Welcome calls introduce your users to the world of charging
  • Prevention calls prevent undesired user reactions (e.g. in the event of a higher-than-average bill)
  • Contract creation assumes standardised sending tasks (welcome package with charging card, follow-up orders, letters, charging instructions, giveaways etc.)

Multilingualism guarantees even international user service

  • Reporting provides you with regular information regarding the number, duration and waiting time, if any, of the calls
  • User reporting incl. access to reporting tool i.e. sending of the report via email

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With hotline & user management by SMATRICS, you enjoy the certainty of knowing that you and your users receive professional and personal support around the clock.
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