Charging stations are a central element of a fully integrated charging solution. Countless aspects – from the number of vehicles, to the desired charging time, all the way to future expansion prospects – are crucial when it comes to selecting the optimum hardware. SMATRICS offers a comprehensive portfolio for every need: whether it is an individual wallbox or a large-scale charging park, the infrastructure is designed completely in line with your needs.


Are you planning on setting up charging stations or wallboxes?

Do you prefer to put your trust in tried and tested products?

Would you like your solution to be scalable for the future?

Is state-of-the-art hardware a must for you?

Do you put high value on future-proof hardware?

Do you want to profit from attractive conditions?


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Perfectly adapted

Thanks to our years of experience, SMATRICS offers hardware that is precisely tailored to your needs. Important factors are: users, desired charging time and structural conditions. SMATRICS has access to a broad range of leading manufacturers: from the simple wallbox all the way to high-power charging stations with 350 kW capacity.


  • Customised needs assessment
  • Complete location project planning
  • Hardware from leading suppliers

Operational reliability

All hardware on offer has to pass a large number of tests in order to meet the high quality and compatibility standards of SMATRICS. This gives you the assurance that all components come together to form a perfectly aligned whole. And this is how SMATRICS guarantees the smooth operation of every charging solution conceivable.


  • Pre-qualification through predefined inspection protocol
  • In-house hardware certification
  • Collaboration with suppliers to ensure permanent optimisation


New vehicles with new technologies are constantly hitting the market. Charging solutions, therefore, have to be able to adapt to new requirements. SMATRICS sets store by state-of-the-art hardware and works together with the manufacturers to constantly drive the development thereof. This provides you with the certainty of a solution that you can rely on in the long term.


  • Close cooperation with manufacturers
  • Constant quality assurance of hardware and software
  • Uncomplicated performance upgrades


Your benefits

No internal expenses for procurement and logistics of wallbox and charging stations

Maximum security thanks to state-of-the-art technology

Future-proof charging infrastructure that adapts to changing requirements

Certified hardware “reviewed by SMATRICS“


Leading 360° providers: hardware and software are perfectly attuned to one another

Long-term charging network operator with comprehensive experience

Attractive conditions due to existing framework contracts

Competent support for the operation of the hardware


Requirements gathering

We go over the needs of your charging infrastructure together with you: existing vehicle fleet, mileage, idle time and charging time on the premises, additional charging options etc. are considered in the evaluation. The selection of the maximum charging capacity, AC, three-phase AC or DC technology as well as the charging plugs all depends on the charging technology supported by the vehicles.

The technical on-site project planning (e.g. construction requirements, available network connection capacity etc.) defines the type of installation and application, such as wall-mounted, floor-mounted or charging station solutions.

With this and the load management concept, we come up with the ideal solution for the infrastructure. Thanks to the standardised SMATRICS operating concept, technical operation is guaranteed even for charging solutions with multiple manufacturers.

For logistics specialists in particular, SMATRICS offers charging stations with a high performance capacity of up to 350 kW in combination with stationary battery systems. Three such ultra-high-speed solutions have already been implemented with VERBUND in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck.

Procurement & framework contracts

SMATRICS is continuously expanding its hardware portfolio and is open to accepting new products if they meet our quality standards and provide functional added value. This is why SMATRICS has framework agreements with the following manufacturers, amongst others:

Thanks to the large number of national as well as international projects, SMATRICS has recourse to framework conditions from which you also benefit.


Before a product is offered by SMATRICS, tests are carried out as part of the technical pre-qualification in accordance with a standardised procedure in line with a pre-defined inspection protocol. SMATRICS has two laboratories dedicated to this purpose. Any malfunctions are immediately reported to the manufacturer in order to work on a solution together (reproducibility of errors, diagnosis/analysis, containment, hotfix/debug). SMATRICS employees have the access authorisations to the devices and possess the know-how to actively collaborate in remedying any errors.

Future-proof infrastructure

SMATRICS places particular emphasis on future reliability. In the dynamic electric vehicle market, both the vehicle and the associated on-board charging technology are constantly evolving. Owing to the modular structure of the charging station systems, performance upgrades can easily be carried out directly on site later on.

By applying scalable solutions, a potential expansion of the vehicle fleet is taken into account even during the planning stage. In this way, by limiting and later increasing the capacity of the individual wallboxes or charging stations, it is possible to react to the changing requirements of new vehicles.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

The permanent expansion and operation of our own charging infrastructure ensures that SMATRICS always has the very latest charging technology. In addition, by keeping abreast of changing framework conditions – from both a legal as well as a technical perspective – SMATRICS addresses the latest challenges surrounding hardware such as conformity with calibration law, ISO15118/Plug'n Charge, Smart Charging and Vehicle2Grid.

Cooperation with manufacturers

SMATRICS works in close cooperation with leading hardware manufacturers and acts as a source of inspiration and ideas for new features and product innovations. New technical requirements as well as customer needs are communicated concisely to the manufacturers.

Furthermore, SMATRICS is available to the charging station and wallbox manufacturers as a qualified tester of new hardware and software releases, thus making an important contribution to the quality assurance of both.

These collaborations guarantee that only intensively tested, approved and quality-assured hardware and software makes its way into our network.

SMATRICS Hardwareportfolio

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