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The construction of a charge point is an extensive project. It is necessary for a wide range of constructional, legal and technical issues and requirements to be taken into account. Having installed hundreds of charge points for its own charging network and its customers, this is a field in which SMATRICS has several years of experience. As your central contact partner, SMATRICS manages everything within the scope of comprehensive project management – from the permits and the coordination of all the trades to the constructional implementation. From the straightforward wall box through to highly sophisticated high power charge points – there is a suitable solution for every application.

We construct your charging network

Do you want your charge points to be set up by authorized experts?

Would you rather leave the technical and official matters to someone else?

Is comprehensive documentation important to you?

Is it important to you for everything to be managed 100% according to the standards?

You don’t want to tie up any internal resources?

Would like to have a central contact partner for all tasks?

What we can do for you

planning charging infrastructure at residential properties


Several companies are involved in the construction of charge points: SMATRICS supports you in dealing with the authorities and the applications, and manages the tendering, selection and coordination of the trades. The project management is from one single source, and you have one contact partner who knows about everything and reports to you.

  • Holistic implementation planning
  • Tenders & selection of trades
  • Regular reporting
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During the implementation phase, SMATRICS is your reliable on-site partner. Every step – from the construction measures through to the correct installation – is supervised and/or carried out by SMATRICS itself. This gives you the security that everything will be implemented on schedule and that you can start with your charging solution on the scheduled date.

  • Construction supervision (ÖBA)
  • Documentation, survey and publication
  • Project & construction site controlling
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After the construction of the electrical-technical system and all the building measures, the charge points can be installed. Whether this takes place on the wall, on the ground or on a pedestal depends on your requirements. The cabling and the data lines are then connected. It goes without saying that everything is documented.

  • Standards-compliant completion of the installation
  • Manufacturing of all connections and fittings
  • Preparation of a system manual for the subsequent operation
installation and commissioning


In the final step, every detail is reviewed and documented. All joints and connections and the functionality itself are checked. The charge points are configured and connected with other charge points or control units. Finally, all of the relevant persons are provided with the requisite instruction.

  • Technical control & acceptance
  • Configuration of all system-relevant units
  • Instruction & documentation

All advantages at a glance

Your advantages

Targeted project management and guaranteed on-schedule completion of projects

Professional installation and commissioning by specialists according to ÖVE/ÖNORM and/or IEC

Regular reports with notification about the current status

Legally-compliant documentation

You do not tie up internal resources and have no internal costs

Transfer of knowledge through the specialist training of your employees

The SMATRICS bonus

One central contact partner for the reliable and competent implementation

Expertise from a considerable number of successfully implemented projects with a wide range of requirements

The only 360-degree solution provider with project management expertise, all from one single source

Access to a network of specialist and experienced service providers

Established and verified processes guarantee the on-schedule, standardized and cost-efficient completion

Professional contact partner for other trades and suppliers

Services in detail

Implementation planning

For the professional construction, the preparation of all the construction plans necessary for the implementation as well as the electro-technical system design are necessary. The creation of a roll-out schedule is a fixed component of this.

General contractor & project management
  • Roll-out planning including the coordination and implementation of the earthworks and civil engineering, electro-technical work such as earthing and protective measures, as well as the establishment of the grid connection with the local power network operator
  • Construction supervision (ÖBA) - coordination and planning of the construction site according to the Austrian Construction Work Coordination Act (BauKG)
  • Project & construction site controlling
Professional installation
  • Construction and coordination of all trades and stakeholders
  • Trades & installation materials
  • Instrument transformer, distribution and outgoing feeder cabinets
  • Prefabricated foundations
  • Bollards
  • Signposting & parking space markings
Documentation, survey and publication
  • Inspection of the system according to applicable standards
  • Digital as-built documentation of the constructed systems
  • If necessary, notification of the loading equipment to the responsible authorities
  • Hardware documentation including spare parts lists
  • Preparation of all documents necessary for the proper operation

SMATRICS carries out the entire initial installation. If required, your own contractors can do this themselves according to our specifications. After the completion of the work, our certified technicians will install the wall boxes and/or charging units.

Electro-technical commissioning

We carry out the electro-technical IBN in close coordination with your team of tradesmen. This includes:

  • Activation of the device and checking of the equipment
  • Inspection of the network access according to ÖVE/ÖNORM 8001-6-61 including the inspection report, and preparation of a system log according to ÖVE/ÖNORM 8001-6-63
  • Checking of the device according to IEC 61851
IT integration
  • Configuration of the hardware (activating the SIM card, establishment of the VPN connection, parameterizing of the charge point)
  • Integration into the back-end (CPMS) to maintain ongoing operations, monitoring and billing with the appropriate protocol: OCPP 1.5. (SOAP), 1.6. (SOAP, JSON), OCPP 2.0. (in development)

Our staff will provide you and your employees with training and instruction on the management of the charging infrastructure. In this respect, possible troubleshooting methods are also discussed, which our 1st level support team will guide you through over the telephone in cases of emergency.


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