E-mobility is an unstoppable process that affects all areas of our life – particularly our concept of living. After all, charging is mainly carried out at home. Hence the ever-increasing demand for parking spaces that are equipped with charging facilities. With RESIDENTIAL CHARGING, SMATRICS offers a complete package specially designed for charging in residential housing. As the cooperative society or property manager, you need not worry about anything at all.

when to use charging stations in residential housing

When to use it

  • You are a real estate developer, technical planner, housing cooperative or property manager
  • You wish to set up charging points at your residential property or already have existing ones
  • The operational reliability of the charging points should be externally secured
  • Optimum use should be made of existing grid connections
  • Your users charge at home on a kWh basis
  • Your users should be able to charge at home and on the go, with differing fares
  • The charging solution should be quickly implemented, easy to extend and future-proof

This product is aimed at residential properties. If you need charging solutions for a commercial property, you will find the right product here.

benefits with residential charging

Your benefits

  • Suitable for new buildings and existing residential properties
  • Use of the existing grid connection
  • Avoidance of peak loads due to load management
  • Planning, implementation and ongoing administration via SMATRICS
  • Exact billing based on kWh for home charging
  • You are reimbursed for your incurred electricity costs
  • One card and one invoice for everything
  • Your users can charge at home, in Austria and abroad
  • Future-proof charging solution

Creating your charging infrastructure step by step

planning charging infrastructure at residential properties


We regularly work with real estate developers, owners, property managers, cooperatives and technical planners in order to find the best solution for your property.

  • Verification of the on-site conditions and requirements
  • Advice in the structural planning
  • Electrotechnical concept
  • Hardware recommendations
  • Consideration of the grid connection
set-up and commissioning

Set-up & Commissioning

With SMATRICS as a partner, you need not worry about a thing. We take care of:

  • Procurement of the hardware
  • Coordination of all subcontractors
  • Installation of the charging station
  • Connection to the SMATRICS IT system
  • Electrotechnical test
  • Employee training
operation of charging infrastructure


Our years of experience with our own network makes us the ideal partner for you.

  • Regular maintenance & service
  • Rapid elimination of faults thanks to remote access
  • Comprehensive billing incl. remuneration of electricity costs
  • 24/7 hotline for you and your users
  • Access to Austria-wide SMATRICS network for your users

Not the exact solution you’re looking for?

If you have specific questions about the product, our experts will be happy to help you.
The more detailed you formulate your request, the faster we can help you.

Product components

icon product components

Consultation & project development

Detailed project planning and documentation including expansion stages and sketch of the electrotechnical concept.

Hardware & commissioning

We provide you with Wallboxes and the necessary accessories. You are also welcome to have the installation carried out by your trusted electrician – however, the commissioning is always undertaken by certified SMATRICS partners.

Operation & hotline for questions

We take care of the ongoing operations and the proper functioning of the system. In the event that something is not working, users call the 24/7 SMATRICS hotline directly, not you.

Billing & remuneration

Users pay conveniently via direct debit – SMATRICS assumes responsibility for data and financial transfers, as well as keeping track of all your end users.

You receive your remuneration in your account automatically each month and don’t have to lift a finger.

Charging card for at home & on the go

Every user receives a charging card that allows them to charge at home, in the SMATRICS network and in all partner networks in Austria and abroad. Unauthorised persons are not able to charge at the charging stations..

Load management (optional)

This technology enables you to get the most out of your existing grid connection and save on grid costs. Other electricity consumers in the household (e.g. the heat pump) influence the charging capacity of the electric cars, meaning that peak loads are av

This makes it possible to supplement the charging infrastructure without the need for additional grid connection capacity.

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