White Labeling

In the world of E-mobility, companies that position themselves with their own brand have a decisive advantage. The brand represents innovation, mobility, sustainability and a service that stands out from the competitors. With the SMATRICS white labeling offer, you can provide all services with the optical appearance of your company: from the charging station to the hotline, to your very own app. Your company is at the forefront, while SMATRICS takes care of the rest backstage.


Are you planning to set up or do you already own multiple charging stations?

Do you want your brand to stand for innovative, sustainable topics?

It is important to you to make use of tried and tested products and processes

Do you want to present yourself to your customers as a professional E-mobility provider?

Do you want your corporate design to be present in all components, from the charging station to the charging card?

Would you like to keep internal expenditures for charging issues low?


White Label eigenes Ladenetz

Your stations

The most visible signs of E-mobility are the charging stations. They represent the direct form of contact to existing and potential users. Set up your locations in your optical appearance: from the design of the station, to signs, to the floor markings; with SMATRICS white labelling, everything is possible.


  • Branding of the charging stations in your corporate design
  • Signs and displays visible from far away
  • Design, production & installation
Corporate Design

Your service

Offer a comprehensive E-mobility service under your brand. With your app, stations can be found in the blink of an eye, and it can even be used to initiate the charging session. On the website and smartphone app, you present yourself as a professional e-mobility provider. The hotline gets in touch in your name, and bills and contracts bear your corporate appearance.


  • White label website and smartphone app
  • White label user hotline
  • White label contracts and bills
Corporate Design

Your communication

Thanks to thousands of our own customers, SMATRICS has plenty of professional communication material at its fingertips. Be it charging instructions, a product folder or a welcome package – everything is adjusted to match your corporate design. Your colours, your images, and of course your logo. This gives you the certainty of professional marketing. The sender is always your company.


  • Presentation in your corporate design
  • Professional production of all white labelling materials – even internationally
  • We take care of shipping logistics


Your benefits

Positioning as an innovative E-mobility provider

Comprehensive service offer in your corporate design

Professional appearance reinforces customer loyalty

No internal design, production or logistics expenditures

Matching appearance across all components (stations, communication, tools)


Ready-made, efficient and adaptable communication material

Tried and tested implementation partner for special requirements

Rapid implementation thanks to well-versed team

Efficient adaptation thanks to white labelling system

Individual solutions in your corporate design


SMATRICS service package

guarantees the comprehensive implementation of your optical appearance:

  • Graphic design and adaptation to your optical appearance (colour scheme, logo, images)
  • Textual adaptation to your contents or new texts
  • Implementation until data is ready for production
  • Production monitoring
  • Implementation and installation teams
  • Project management
Branding of the charging stations
  • Design of the station: from the graphic adaptation to redesign in your corporate design
  • Design of all informational stickers (charging instructions, QR code stickers etc.)
  • Production & delivery
  • Implementation & installation on site
Branding of the locations
  • Floor markings for parking spaces
  • “No parking” signs
  • Information and signs to and around the location
  • Production & delivery
  • Implementation & installation on site
Branding of the charging card
  • Graphic design and adaptation to your optical appearance (colour scheme, logo)
  • Production & delivery
White Label Apps

With the white label website and smartphone app from SMATRICS, you provide your users with a simple tool with all the functions they need in their daily e-mobile life: station finder, start/stop and payment of the charge, right through to an overview of past charges. All in the visual appearance of your company.

  • Graphic design or adaptation to your visual appearance (colour scheme, logo, icons)
  • Charging station finder, route planning and details
  • Ad-hoc shop by credit card
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Customer area
White label marketing material
  • Implementation & production
  • Customer shipping

Content-related and graphic design and adaptation to your corporate design (colour scheme, logo, icons):

  • Product brochures
  • Charging instructions
  • Charging cards
  • Welcome packages for new customers
White label contracts & bills

Graphic design and adaptation to your optical appearance (colour scheme, logo)

White Label Hotline
  • Personal service in your name
  • Separate telephone number
Portals & platforms
  • Charge Point Management System (CPMS) charVIS in your corporate design
  • White label reporting for you and your users

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With the SMATRICS white labelling offer, your brand becomes a professional E-mobility brand.
Including all services, benefits and comprehensive support for your users in your name.
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