Just as diverse as the users themselves is the structuring of the pricing and billing options. After all, it makes a difference if your own or external cars are being charged, as well as the amount of power used in the charging session and, of course, how the payment is ultimately made. Via a bill or by credit card, for example. SMATRICS provides you with all the options – you determine the tariffs, the billing system and much more.

We take charge of the billing for you

Are you planning on setting up one or more charging stations?

Would you like different tariffs for different users?

Do you value simple payment options?

Do you want your own cars to charge for free, but still be assigned to a cost centre?

Don’t want to burden your internal accounting department with the details?

Do you want to profit from charging sessions by external users?



Pricing structure

As a charging station operator, you are able to determine whether and how much you bill users for charging at your charging stations. You specify the prices and, if desired, can also define different prices for certain user groups. Whether you charge according to charging duration, energy emitted or simply charge a fixed fee remains up to you. Anything is possible.


  • Consultation on optimum structuring of the prices
  • Definition of different user groups
  • Configuration of your system


You decide how your invoicing should be carried out. SMATRICS offers several options: For internal vehicles, you receive an overview of all charging sessions for the assignment to cost centres. For external vehicles, you receive all the details you require for the settlement and can carry out the billing yourself. Upon request, SMATRICS can take care of the entire process for you.


  • Simple assignment to internal cost centres
  • Accounting data for rapid further processing
  • Billing by you or SMATRICS as you prefer


Charging should be as simple and convenient as possible – and the same goes for the payment. This is why with SMATRICS, the payment is carried out in accordance with the highest security standards: either via direct debit or directly via credit card. No matter which user used your charging station. In turn, you also receive a refund if the customer of a different network charges with you, credited to you each month by SMATRICS.


  • SMATRICS is a technical billing service provider
  • Standardised payments via credit card or direct debit
  • Automatic refunding of your roaming income


Your benefits

Individually selectable prices

Define separate user groups with different tariffs

Flexible billing by you yourself or via SMATRICS

Perfectly prepared data for rapid further processing

If desired, absolutely no internal effort for you


Comprehensive billing service provider for B2C and B2B

Existing scalable and secure connection to payment service providers

State-of-the-art billing via automated processes

Experience with a broad range of requirements

SMATRICS is the only 360 degree solution provider


  • Consultation and selection of tariffs by experts
  • Configuration of individual tariffs from the SMATRICS tariff portfolio
  • Billing is precise to the second & watt-hour
  • Failed charging sessions are not taken into account in the billing

Tariff variants

  • Fixed fee (fee per charging session [e.g. €1.–/charging session])
  • Use-dependent (charging duration per minute or energy used per kWh)
  • Combination of fixed fee and use-dependent

Tariff categories

  • Charging station type (AC, DC)
  • Maximum charging output (kW)
  • Charging station network (own charging station vs. roaming)
Billing & invoicing
  • Debiting of a credit card: The credit card on file is charged after the charging session; payment receipt via email
  • Direct debit: monthly direct debit from user’s account on file
  • Users with credit card & direct debit receive a monthly collective invoice via email or post
  • If payments via credit card or direct debit fail, an invoice or reminder is sent with a request to transfer the amount
Accounting data for further processing
  • Upon request, SMATRICS can assume the creation/sending of the bill to the users
  • SMATRICS forwards the billing data to your company’s accounting department each month
Cost overview for internal cost centre allocation
  • If desired, your own vehicles can charge for free at your own charging stations. Since the company still incurs electricity costs, charging cards can be allocated to internal cost centres.
  • Each month, the client receives an overview of all charging sessions at the individual cost centres and the corresponding originators.
Payment service providers

SMATRICS is a comprehensive technical billing service provider. In the event of payment via credit card, every charging session is forwarded to the payment service provider via an existing interface.

The clearing of the payments can, in principle, occur in two ways:

  • Bill in the name of SMATRICS via the SMATRICS payment service provider account
  • Bill in the name of the client via a sub-account with the SMATRICS payment service provider
  • If desired, charging sessions by external users (SMATRICS users or roaming users) at your charging stations can be refunded at an agreed rate.
  • Monthly credit
B2B billing

Outbound roaming

  • If your customers are able to charge in other charging networks, SMATRICS carries out the clearing with these third-party providers.

Inbound roaming

  • If external users are able to charge at your charging stations, SMATRICS issues regular credit notes of your charging income.

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A chat with the pros

With the SMATRICS pricing and billing, you have a flexible and comprehensive system that covers all payment aspects of the charging process.
It is up to you to decide what you want to make use of. We would be delighted to tell you more.