Build-Up & Installation

The construction of charging stations is an extensive project. A multitude of construction-related, legal and technical concerns and conditions need to be taken into account. Our experience with our own charging infrastructure makes SMATRICS the no. 1 partner when it comes to setting up your charging stations. SMATRICS is your central point of contact and, within the scope of our comprehensive project management, we take care of everything – from permits, to the coordination of all sub-contractors, to structural implementation and installation by specialists.

We Build Your Charging Infrastructure

Are you planning multiple charging stations or an entire charging network?

Do you want one point of contact for all construction-related activities?

Don’t want to have to deal with administrative matters?

Would you like the installation to be carried out by authorised specialists?

Don’t want to tie up any internal resources?




Many companies are involved in the construction of charging stations: SMATRICS supports you with bureaucratic procedures and applications and takes charge of the tendering, selection and coordination of the sub-contractors. The project management takes place all under one umbrella, and you have a contact partner who is in the loop about all developments and reports to you.


  • Comprehensive execution planning
  • Tenders & selection of sub-contractors
  • Regular reporting


Throughout the implementation phase, SMATRICS is your reliable local partner. Every step – from the construction measures to the correct installation – is monitored or carried out by SMATRICS itself. This gives you the assurance that everything will be implemented on schedule and that you will be able to launch your charging solution by the established deadline.


  • Construction supervision (local building inspection authorities)
  • Documentation, appraisal and notification
  • Project & building site controlling


Your Benefits

One central point of contact for reliable, competent implementation

Targeted project management and guaranteed on-time project completion

Regular reports inform you of the status quo

No need to tie up any of your internal resources

You have no internal expenditure

The SMATRICS – Bonus

Expertise from a multitude of successfully implemented projects with a wide range of requirements

360-degree project management competence

Access to a network of specialised, seasoned service providers

Established and verified processes guarantee on-schedule, cost-efficient completion


Execution planning

The drawing up of all construction planning necessary for the implementation as well as the concept of the electro-technical facility is required to ensure professional construction. The creation of a roll-out schedule is a fixed component of this planning.

General contractors & project management
  • Roll-out planning incl. coordination and implementation of earthworks & underground engineering operations, electro-technical works such as grounding and protective measures, as well as establishment of the network connection with the local distribution network operator
  • Construction supervision (local building inspection authorities) - planning and building site coordination according to the BauKG [Act on the Coordination of Construction Works]
  • Project & building site controlling
Professional installation
  • Establishment and coordination of all sub-contractors and stakeholders
  • Sub-contractors & installation materials
  • Transducer cabinet
  • Prefabricated foundations
  • Crash protection bollards
  • Signposting & parking space signs
Documentation, appraisal and notification
  • Appraisal of the facility according to applicable standards
  • Digital as-built documentation of the existing installations
  • Where necessary, notification of the charging installations to the responsible bodies
  • Hardware documentation incl. spare parts lists
  • Drawing up of all documents necessary for proper operations

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A chat with the pros

With build-up & installation from SMATRICS, you have a competent, central point of contact that is permanently available for you, from the initial planning, to the structural implementation and the comprehensive project management, all the way to the handover of the completed charging stations.
You are free to concentrate on your core business, while we take care of the rest. We would be delighted to tell you more.