With the intelligent CHARGE POINT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM by SMATRICS for charging station operators, you have your charging stations under control 24/7. Thanks to the intuitive handling and clear design, you have an immediate overview of all the important data. This allows both routine activities as well as challenges – such as bug fixes – to be carried out easily and efficiently in day-to-day business. What is more, all this also works on a smartphone or tablet – and even with voice control.


Planning on setting up charging stations or already operate your own charging network?

Would you like to be informed of the status of your charging stations at all times?

Do you want to be able to react with remote access if problems occur at a charging station?

Do you desire easy handling for your employees?

Do you place value on compatibility, so that additional stations can be integrated in future?

Is a white labelling option important to you?


Charge Point Management System mit Sprachsteuerung


The Charge Point Management System offers you continuous live reporting on every single station. All the relevant parameters such as availability, charge status, charging sessions and authorisation attempts are always kept up to date. Naturally, you receive an immediate warning if a problem should occur at any point.


  • Comprehensive data visualisation
  • Intelligent alerting process
  • Interface in your corporate design possible
Charge Point Management System mit Sprachsteuerung

Control system

You have unrestricted 24/7 access to your Charge Point Management System – even via smartphone and tablet. This allows you to control everything at all times, from the management of your charging stations to the analysis of potential error sources to the active elimination of faults in the event of problems.


  • Administration of the charging stations
  • Support & fault elimination in everyday operations
  • Voice control


Your benefits

Complete overview and control of your charging stations at all times

Intuitive handling, from the mobile-ready feature all the way to voice control

Intelligent alerting including all follow-up processes in operations

Complete compatibility with the conventional hardware types; integration of new hardware possible

Define separate user groups with individual authorisations 

The SMATRICS bonus

State-of-the-art security (encrypted, European servers, fail-safe due to self-healing microservices)

Developed on the basis of our years of experiences as the operator of the public SMATRICS charging network 

Refined in cooperation with established network operators

Experience with a broad range of challenges as a charging network operator

SMATRICS is the only 360 degree solution provider


Administration of the charging stations
  • Setting up of charging stations
  • Administration of master data (POIs, charging stations)
  • Management of hardware manufacturers and charging station models
Support for your operation
  • Incident management (alerting, error messages, remote activation etc.)
  • Problem management (eliminating faults at stations, debugging, alerting, error messages)
  • Support for your field service (error reports)
  • Analysis for clarification of error sources/active assignment of errors to individual users
  • Monitoring of the mobile network connection
  • Immediate, clear overview of alerts
  • Effective process: Trigger alert/assign operator/mark as “resolved” after correction
Reporting & monitoring
  • Live reporting with 24/7 access to the Charge Point Management System
  • Overview of all system-relevant parameters for the operation of the charging stations (e.g. availability, communication, status etc.)
  • Display of charging sessions and authorisation attempts
  • Live monitoring and debugging as part of the fault elimination of a station
User management
  • Admin function: Creation and administration of teams and roles incl. authorisations
  • Roles
    • Admin/Operator/Service Agent/Viewer
    • Which operations may be carried out
    • User may be a member of a team
  • Teams
    • Which charging stations are displayed for which users
    • Freely configurable according to charging station parameters (location, manufacturers, location number etc.)
    • Dynamic adaptation of the teams when new charge points are added
Hardware onboarding
  • The following hardware is compatible with the SMATRICS Charge Point Management System:
  • In addition, all charging points can also be integrated via OCPP 1.5. and 1.6. (SOAP & JSON) upon request
  • OCPP 2.0. is used for test integrations
Special SIM cards
  • Premium SIM cards are included in the operation of the charge point
  • including VPN tunnel and maintenance
White labeling
  • Integration of your corporate logo
  • Branding of individual elements of the CPMS interface in your CI colours
Service packages
  • BASIC: simple monitoring for surveillance
  • PREMIUM: active management incl. control functions
  • Your direct line to the system administrators and developers of the Charge Point Management System
API access
  • Access to the API, allowing you to integrate the Charge Point Management System into your system or third-party applications
Developer conference
  • Annual conference with insights into the development and opportunities for active participation in the future

charVIS compatible hardware

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