E-mobility is changing our behaviour. Electric cars now simply stop to charge up their battery when they park: at the shopping centre or at the supermarket. With charging options at your locations, you have the optimum conditions for giving your locations added value with this service, gaining new customers and thus strengthening your customer loyalty. Of course you determine what price you charge and how the payment should take place in order to ensure that added value is generated. But you don’t need to worry about a thing, since SMATRICS takes care of the whole procedure for you – and if desired, all in your name.


Laden Handel
  • Not only can you offer charging as a service, but you can also provide an internal company charging network with several branch locations. This considerably increases the value of your brand, reinforces customer loyalty and creates additional value.
  • You can set up the charging at your locations very conveniently, so that it all happens in the background. Whether your customer card or simply a smartphone are the key to the charging station is completely up to you. The same goes for whether you want payment to take place via credit card or direct debit.
  • Whether and how much you charge for a charging session is your choice. For example, customers with a customer card may be able to charge at a cheaper price than other users. In any case, SMATRICS can take care of everything for you, from the user service incl. the hotline, all the way to the billing.
  • The secure, profitable operation of a charging solution depends on a whole series of factors. By outsourcing the ongoing supervision and support, you create cost-efficient and resource-friendly added value for your company and your customers.


Your benefits

You increase the attractiveness of your locations

The charging option increases your customers’ length of stay in your branches

You create a competitive advantage, strengthen your customer loyalty and make a contribution to your innovative, sustainable image

You establish your own charging network and thus create added value for your customers without burdening your own resources in the process

You refinance your investments thanks to continuous charging income


Leading full-service provider from planning, set-up and operations, all the way to billing

Total, hassle-free package minimises your internal expenditures

Modular structure of the product offer can be adapted to suit your needs

Leading e-mobility provider with the largest charging network throughout Austria

Renowned customers with over 1000 charging points put their trust in SMATRICS


Mann neben Ladestation


Hornbach set itself the goal of implementing a charging infrastructure for electric cars at a wide range of branch locations throughout the whole of Austria. To do so, it teamed up with SMATRICS as an experienced implementation partner.

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