Public utilities are among the essential service providers in our society. Electricity is playing an ever more important role here, especially when it comes to E-mobility. As a public utility, with your own charging networks and your own products for charging at businesses or at home, you can use this to tap into a market that is generating a completely new type of added value. All this without having to invest an excessive amount in personnel costs. With SMATRICS, you can apply your competences as a regional public utility in a targeted manner and do not need to worry about topics that are not within your range of expertise.


  • With your own charging network, you present your brand to the outside world in a very visible manner and offer your customers added value precisely where they need it most. If desired, SMATRICS can take care of everything in the background, from the operation to the billing.
  • Open up your stations not only to your personal customers of your own public utility, but also increase your utilisation rate by offering this service to all electric car drivers. Vice versa, your customers can also charge in other networks and you profit from this – SMATRICS roaming makes it possible.
  • As a public utility, increase your own product portfolio with E-mobility products and services for retail and industry customers. The need is increasing at an above-average rate, in particular in the business segment.
  • Charging should be efficient and convenient. SMATRICS offers a wide range of products for charging internal company or external vehicles (e.g. residents, tourists). Access is granted easily via a charging card or mobile phone.
  • Charging is a complex issue. In order to avoid resource bottlenecks, make use of the capacities of your own public utility right where they are most effective. As for the rest, you can sit back, relax, and outsource it. The modular SMATRICS portfolio can be adjusted to suit your requirements.



Your benefits

You enter the E-mobility business quickly and easily

You save your own resources thanks to targeted outsourcing

Your company profits from additional value, and as a public utility, you set an example for the topic of sustainability and future-oriented thinking

You successfully link your brand to the innovative power of E-mobility

You generate new and retain existing customers

The SMATRICS bonus

Leading full-service provider from planning, set-up and operations, all the way to billing

No. 1 with the first Austria-wide charging network

In-house developments that are perfectly tailored to suit the market

Modular portfolio enables straightforward expansion of your own value-creation chain

Ready-made products enable plug & play solutions for your public utility offer

Stadtwerke Elektromobilität
Stadtwerke Uelzen (mycity)


At the start of 2019, under the brand name mycity, 10 high-power chargers (HPC) with 150 kW were installed in Uelzen and the surrounding area, in collaboration with SMATRICS. For this project, the public utilities of Uelzen placed particular emphasis on a partner with experience and know-how in the setting up of charging infrastructure.

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As a regional public utility, you can offer your customers a charging network without having to tie up your own resources.
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