By now, every tenth company with its own vehicle fleet relies on cars with alternative drive systems. The reasons are obvious, since E-mobility not only reduces the CO2 output, but also considerably lowers costs too. As an additional benefit, you are also able to offer the charging stations for your own fleet vehicles to your customers and other users – thus refinancing the changeover to e-mobility even faster. The right charging solution is essential, therefore, when it comes to secure, efficient and cost-effective charging.


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  • Who are the users? It all depends on whether vehicles from your own company vehicle fleet, customers or external users are charging. You yourself define the pricing. The internal expenditures are assigned to specific cost centres, while you actually make a profit from external users
  • Save on connection costs. Intelligent charging ensures that your existing electro-installations are used to optimum effect. This avoids increased connection costs and additional structural changes. SMATRICS load management makes charging efficient and cost-effective.
  • Easy access to charging. Charging should be straightforward. To do so, for example, your employees can use a charging card that is assigned to the corresponding cost centres. Other users, such as customers and guests, can charge conveniently using the mobile app.
  • Charge even while on the go. In order to ensure that the e-cars in your vehicle fleet can charge even when you are on the go, SMATRICS provides its own network and partner networks throughout the whole of Austria, with over 1,000 charging points.
  • Secure operation. The operation – from the maintenance to the customer hotline – can, if desired, be taken care of by SMATRICS. You don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Flexible solutions. A charging solution should be expandable. After all, E-mobility is taking on increasing significance. This ensures that you are well equipped in the future when the time comes to expand your vehicle fleet.


Your benefits

You make use of professional charging stations that are adapted to suit your exact needs

You achieve a considerable reduction in costs for your vehicle fleet in terms of ongoing operations, maintenance, insurance and tax

You do not need any internal resources for the ongoing operations

You refinance the investments with your charging income

You offer a service that attracts new customers and retains existing ones

Your brand profits from the innovative power of E-mobility


SMATRICS takes care of everything for you as a leading full-service provider

Plug & play solutions enable a rapid, cost-effective introduction to E-mobility

Individual solutions are able to adapt to your requirements perfectly

SMATRICS is available for you and your customers around the clock with a 24-hour hotline


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Rewe Group


REWE International AG already operates many electric cars with different functions in the company fleet. These are to be charged at the company's own charging bays on its own premises.

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