Industry Sectors

No matter if retail chain, enterprise with an own fleet, real estate sector or public utility - E-mobility plays an important role for each of these industries, although there are various requirements for each of them. SMATRICS with its experience and know-how as leading E-mobility provider, offers tailor-made, all-in-one solutions for every division and every company. SMATRICS ensures the successful implementation of E-mobility concepts.

Haus mit Glasfront

Real Estate

The growth of the E-mobility business has a direct impact on real estate. No matter whether shopping center, company premises or residential complex. A professional charging infrastructure is more than an opportunity for property owners and operators, it is the foundation to make buildings fit for the future and to increase the value.
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Charging Solutions for Retailers

E-mobility transforms our behavior. E-cars simply charge in between parking - while we are shopping. Charging-infrastructure at your site creates an ideal setup to highlight your location and thus win and retain new customers.
Elektroautos vor Immobilie

Companies with a fleet

Electric vehicles in a fleet provide many advantages. In addition to the environmental impact and the fulfillment of the legal framework, the electrification of the company fleet through subsidies and tax exemptions brings along cost savings for companies and employees.

Public utilities

Public utilities in their role as energy suppliers are special important and responsible for expanding the infrastructure as well as improving the quality of life for citizens. E-mobility is an necessary cornerstone, on the one hand, to promote climate protection and, on the other hand, to expand one's own know-how to sustainably retain customers.
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Petrol stations

With petrol stations on long-distance routes such as motorways, but also at neuralgic locations in the city, a new market is opening up for petrol station operators. With charging facilities at your locations, you have optimal conditions for upgrading your locations with this service and thus winning and retaining customers.